Our Way of saying ” Thank You Very Much “

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In Behalf  of TEAM RUNN’ACTIVE, We would like to thank the following Personalities, LGU’s and Institutions whom one way or the other made “ BONPEN 100k Ultra Marathon Challenge  2014” event possible, happened last April 26-27,2014, that started from Catanauan Municipal Building, Catanauan, Quezon(3rd Dist.),Philippines and Finished at QNAS (Quezon National Agricultural School) Campus .Brgy. Silangang MAlicboy,PAgbilao,Quezon Prov.,Philippines. They are;

  1. Hon. Ramon A. Orfanel – Mayor, Catanauan,Quezon
  2. Hon. Svenson Sangalang-Mayor General Luna,Quezon
  3. Hon. Nelson Traje – Mayor, Macalelon,Quezon
  4. Hon. Nonato E.Puache –Mayor, Unisan,Quezon
  5. Hon. Paulino S. Sayat – Mayor,Pitogo,Quezon
  6. Hon. Vicente Cabangon Aguilar – Mayor ,Agdangan,Quezon
  7. Hon. Roger A. Panganiban – Mayor,Padre Burgos,Quezon
  8. Mr. Gerardo R. Marasigan –OIC, Vocational School Supt., QNAS
  9. Mr. Michel Castro – Administrative Officer,QNAS
  10. Mr. Blue Tradia  -ALTRA Shoes –Singapore-Philippines
  11. Mr. Gerson Pornasdoro –President, Kabalikat Civicom Inc.-Pagbilao Chapter
  12. PCI Alexis Olivar Villasanta Nava –Chief of Police, Catanauan MPS
  13. Mr. Vincent Suanke Valdepena – Event Photographer/Partner
  14. Mr.&Mrs. Gerby and Joana Liu (RUNAHOLIC)- Event Photographer/Partner
  15. Mr. Adrian Aquino(AA Photography) –Event photographer/Partner
  16. Barangay Chairmen, Sang. Barangay, Bantay-Bayan, KABALIKAT CIVICOM-Quezon and the people of the towns of Catanauan, Gen.Luna, Macalelon, Pitogo, Unisan ,Agdangan, and Padre Burgos.

To the Participating TEAMs that always patronize and support  our events and advocacy;

  1. Team SOLEUS
  2. Team CARE
  3. Team PASYAL
  4. Team EKEK (Enduring Knees Every Kilometer)
  5. Team SOLOMON Runners
  6. Team PAR (Pinoy Aspiring Runners)
  8. Team FRC (Fairview Running Club)
  9. Team 1672/RUWOLI
  11. Team SPIDER
  12. Team FOOT_AH

And to the ONE UP ABOVE, Runners, Support Crews and Countless People who belive in us, Maraming Maraming SALAMAT PO sa inyong LAHAT!!!, Hanggang sa susunod na Kabanata ng   ating Paglalakbay sa Lalawigan ng QUEZON!!!



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