1st QCC160 (Quezon Coast to Coast) ONE HUNDRED MILES ULTRA MARATHON 2014

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Critical Inter-sections cum Vid-Teaser 
Gat UBAN Trophy
Gat UBAN Trophy
1QCC150 Buckle Design
   1 QCC160K Buckle Design
1st Quezon Coast to Coast ONE HUNDRED MILES ULTRAMARATHON 2014 Official Race Map
Official RACE MAP
1st QCC 160k ULTRAMARATHON Elevation Profile
1st QCC 160k ULTRA MARATHON Elevation Profile
QCC160 buckle
QCC160 buckle
Infanta,Quezon Highway Boundary
Infanta,Quezon Highway Boundary

How to reach Infanta, Quezon?

For Commute Participants from Manila/Quezon City:

Ride RAYMOND Transportation Bus (A/C-Ordinary) from their Terminal Beside Sta. Teresita College ,  Legarda St., Sampaloc, Manila, with the fare  charge of Php 200.00/head, 5-6 hrs. travel time to Infanta, or by Aircon Van (L300,Kia Besta, Toyota HI-ace,Hyundai van etc.) fare-Php 220.00/head, Travel Time 4-5hrs – both Van and Buses have 24hrs schedule trip to Infanta, Quezon (Rizal Prov.)

For Commute Participants from Bicol, Marinduque and Quezon Prov:

Ride AH Transportation Bus @ Lucena Grand Central Terminal, Fare-Php 180/head, (Ordinary) , Approx. Travel time -4hrs ,1st Trip- 5:30 A.M.  Lastrip-5:30P.M.The  Bus will pass from Lucena City through Tayabas City-Lucban(all of Quezon Prov.), Luisiana, -Cavinti- Pagsanjan-Lumban- Kalayaan- Paete- Pangil –Siniloan -Famy (all of Laguna Prov.), Real then Infanta, Quezon. (For Private Vehicles just follow this route)

For Commute Participants from Laguna Prov and near-by:

There is Aircon Van Terminal near  Pagsanjan church and Municipal bldg. going to Infanta. 1st trip-7:00 A.M. Last Trip5:00P.M. everyday, Fare Php 120/head, approx. travel time- 2hrs

For Support/Private Vehicles coming from Manila/Quezon City and near-by:

From the stretch of Ortigas Avenue Take Antipolo- Pelilla Rizal route all the way to Sta.Maria-Famy Laguna., take left at the Famy intersections and proceed the road going to Real and Infanta ,Quezon ( Approx. travel time-: 3-4 hrs.)

For Support/Private Vehicles coming from Batangas, Cavite and near-by:

Take the Santa Cruz-Pagsanjan route, upon reaching Pagsanjan Church take left heading to Lumban-Kalayaan-Paete-Pakil-Pangil-Siniloan-Famy national road turn right @ Famy intersection then proceed to Real-Infanta, Quezon route.

PLACE to stay in INFANTA

Location : within the vicinity of Municipal Bldg.
Room Rates : A/C Room w/ two beds – Php 1,500.00 (overnight) *add 100 per additional head Ordinary Room w/three beds – Php 1,000.00 (overnight) * add 100 per additional head CONTACT: MARIE ((042) 535-2093

2..Cota due Azur – contact (042) 535-4290

Location : at the back of Muncipal Bldg. infront of Land Bank of the Phils.( Infanta Branch)
ROOM Rates : A/C Room good for two Php 700.00 (Plus 100 for additional head)Ordinary Room Good for two Php 500.00 (plus 100 for additional head)
Contact: MARICEL – 09463537936

4.STA. Monica Beach Resort –(042) 535-2338

WELCOME Arch -Mauban,Quezon
WELCOME Arch -Mauban,Quezon

How to reach and get-off Mauban, Quezon?

Mauban is more or less 147 km from Manila and 40 km from Lucena City. It is accessible by bus and other modes of transportation. To reach Mauban from Quezon City, get JAC Liner bus at Kamias Bus Terminal , the first bus leaves at 5 a. m. and arrives at 9am while in the afternoon, the bus leaves at 1 pm and arrives at around 5-6pm in Mauban.. From Mauban JAC Liner leaves at 4am and 2 pm for Kamias Terminal and 4:30 am for Buendia Terminal. The bus will pass through the following towns and two cities from Manila: SLEx Calamba,Lag, Sto. Tomas,Batangas, Alaminos ,Laguna, San Pablo City; Tiaong, Candelaria,Sariaya, Lucena City and Tayabas City. FROM LUCENA GRAND Terminal transfer at NCR bus Liner to reach Mauban in less than two hours. Air Conditioned Vans are also available at SM City Lucena and Metro Gaisano Lucena City Van Terminals from 10 am to 9pm.

Place to STAY in MAUBAN,QUEZON  (after the run)

QUEEN MARGARET Hotel -Mauban (walking distance from finishline, at the Back of Municipal Hall)

Contact Person: Geraldine -(042) 717-0109

ROOM Categories: Standard-600, Superior-700,De Luxe-840 , MARGARETTE Suite(King Size) -Php 1,800

FIESTA ROYALE   Apartelle 

No26.NationalRoad,Sitio Sabang,Brgy.Polo,Mauban,Quezon,Philippines,

Contact Nos.-042-784 1104, 042-784 1099


Email Address: jma@fcfoods.com



1st Quezon Coast to Coast One Hundred Miles Ultra Marathon 2014 ( 1QCC160k )

June 21-22,2014

START:   4:00 AM ,June 21,2014  , Infanta Municipal Building,

Infanta, Quezon,Philippines

FINISH:  2:00 PM, June 22,2014 , Mauban Municipal Building,

Mauban ,Quezon,Philippines

  Cut-Off :34 Hours   

Partial List  of Registered and Qualified Participants

  1. Adrian Aquino  (M)                          Large (Team 162/ RUWOLI)
  2. Rommel Babiera (M)                       Med  (TeamCOOP/Lopez Runners}
  3. Alvin O. Ablitas  (M)                         XL          – do –
  4. Simeon V. de Asis (M)                      XL          –do –
  5. Edwin D. Grimaldo (M)                  Med        – do –
  6. Hideki Yamashita (M)                    Med        Japan
  7. Oliver N.Cuevas  (M)                        SM –  ( Team PASYAL )
  8. Fernando Y. Cabanero (M)          Large
  9. Ray Paras (M)                                      Large
  10. Enrique Trinidad (M)                      Large
  11. Allan D. Sabado (M)                          SM –  (Team PASYAL )
  12. Gil Brazil  (M)                                       Large
  13. Jeric Augusto R. Redillas (M)      Large
  14. Sherwin P. Botabara (M)                Large (Team BO)
  15. Patrick Geneblaza (M)                     Med
  16. Merlito “Lito” Mallari (M)               Large (Team PASYAL)
  17. Randy Miranda (M)                             Med (Team EKEK)
  18. Ely S. Casulla (M)                                    SM ( Team AYALA Triads)
  19. Nicolas B. De Leon (M)                        Med
  20. Adray Joseph (AJ) Alvior (M)          SM     (Team CARE)
  21. Christian M. Pabatao (M)                   SM ( Team EKEK)
  22. Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati (M)                 XS
  23. Eric Cruz (M)                                             Med    (Team PASYAL)
  24. Vans Camanong (M)                            Large
  25. Herbert “Bort” V. Puyat                     Large (Team PASYAL)
  26. Rodrigo M. Losabia                       Med (Team Pinoy Aspiring Runners)
  27. Jason E. Gayoma (M)                    SM (Team Pinoy Aspiring Runners)
  28. Ronaldo N. Racines (M)              Large (Team Arya Sariaya)
  29. Joseph Sibal (M)                              Med
  30. Russel Hernandez (M)                  Large  (Team Ayala TRIADS)
  31. Raniel “Baracks”Baracael (M)  Med (Team Pinoy Aspiring Runners)
  32. Amor Gabriel Jr. (M)                       Med     (Team Soleus)
  33. Amiel Casanova (M)                       Large    (Team CARE)
  34. Elmer Caballes (M)                   Large ( Team EKEK /Solomon Runners)
  35. Bing Baltazar C. Brillo (M)           Medium  (Team UPLB)
  36. Alex Jones  (M)                                    Large
  37. Laurice “Reese” Rogel  (F)              Med (Team 162/Ruwoli )
  38. Chill Orbegoso      (M)                       Medium
  39. Jerome Castro  (M)                            Medium (Team 162/Icloudrunning Group)
  40. Thomas Combisen (M)                    Medium
  41. Percy de la Plana (M)                        Large

14 thoughts on “1st QCC160 (Quezon Coast to Coast) ONE HUNDRED MILES ULTRA MARATHON 2014

    Je Espadilla Gayoma said:
    05/18/2014 at 10:47 pm

    Sir, correction sa surname ko ( JASON E. GAYOMA ) thanks! “,)


      rodellrun responded:
      05/19/2014 at 4:10 am

      Okay we’ll change it thank you!


    Je Espadilla Gayoma said:
    05/18/2014 at 10:49 pm

    Rodrigo Losabia & Jason Gayoma (Team, Pinoy Aspiring Runners) Thanks again! “,)


      rodellrun responded:
      05/19/2014 at 4:09 am

      Hi Je,stand corrected thanks for visiting this site hope to see you soon! Train harder and goodluck!


        Je Espadilla Gayoma said:
        05/19/2014 at 7:12 am

        Thanks! Sir Rodell and yes! We will train harder for this one! We know this will be a good run because you’re the Organizer! And we’re very proud to be part of this history! “,)


        rodellrun responded:
        05/19/2014 at 7:54 am

        Congratulations in advance! Looking forward to this historical event as one of the pioneers, to the FEW and the PROUD, Cheers!, see you soon!


    sky rodolfo p. biscocho said:
    05/22/2014 at 11:19 am

    good ok ito sayang may naka sked na ako run congrats na rin next year makakasali na ako kong may 2nd part pa saka malapit sa akin batangas lang ako ayos ito another ultra marathon sa southern luzon 🙂


      rodellrun responded:
      05/26/2014 at 1:27 am

      Thanks sky rodolfo, wish you can join this event next year for our another edition of QCC160, but anyway there are still remaining runn’active events until the end of the year , you can still join if you want and if its fit for your skeds, again thanks much!


    tolitz said:
    05/23/2014 at 5:03 am

    sir rodell,pls edit …lito mallari .allan sabado ,oliver cuevas also in TEAMPASYAL..thank and more power.


    Amy said:
    05/28/2014 at 6:03 am

    hi, is it a solo or team running event??!!


      rodellrun responded:
      06/03/2014 at 2:44 am

      Hi Amy, this is for solo Category.


    daniel abcede said:
    09/22/2015 at 1:13 am

    there is no sta teresita college near raymond bus terminal in sampaloc you maybe referring to sta catalina college.. clarification only..


      rodellrun responded:
      09/22/2015 at 6:40 am

      okay stand corrected thank you!


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