1st HERMANO PULI 60k (1HP60) Ultra Marathon Race 2014

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1st HERMANO PULI 60km (1HP60) Ultra Marathon Race 2014

( Lucena City-Tayabas City-Lucban-Pagbilao, Quezon Prov. Philippines )
November 16, 2014
Assembly: 3:00 AM Sunday @ Perez Park, Quezon Provincial Capitol Compd.
Lucena City,Quezon Philippines
Gun START : 4:00 AM Sunday
FINISH: 4 00 PM Sunday Hermano Puli Shrine, Brgy.Isabang Tayabas City, Quezon, Philippines
Cut-off: 12 hrs
Organizer: Team Runn’ Active

Early Bird Registration Date: –September 1,2014 –October 01,2014
Early Bird Registration Fee: Php 1,400.00
Regular Registration Date: October 02,2014- November 02,2014
Regular Registration Fee: Php 1,600.00


Quezon Provincial Capitol @ Perez Park ,Lucena City,Quezon Province.



Hermano Puli 60k PMedal Design

* The Event will take place Rain or Shine.
*The Registration Fee is non-Refundable and Non-Transferable
*This event is a Qualifying Race and INCLUDED in QUEZON Ultra marathon Series Grand SLAM AWARD 2014
*Open for Runners who finished ultra marathon distances of 50k to160km ,and beyond.of Races organized by reputable organizers (other than these are required to submit photocopy of Finishers Certificate with official finished time)
*Mobile Hydration and Aid Stations every 10k dist. will be provided along the route.
*Drop Bags of runners without service vehicle will be provided at designated Km distances later.
* Service vehicles of runners and /or team of runners are welcome but not mandatory.
* Wearing of proper running gears are mandatory (reflectorized Vest ,Head lamp etc)
* This event have LIMITED SLOTS only, please register earlier!

– Inclusive of Finisher’s Trophy, Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Race Meal.
-Upon violations of stated race rules and regulations corresponding penalty of disqualification will be applied.

-The decision of the Race Director is Final and Executory.

-NO CASH PRIZES, NO Loot BAGS ,NO WHINNING, Just Pure Pain and Fun!!!!

Registration Venues:
Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
East West Bank s/a # 3468-180-226
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
E-mail your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com with your FS-size, contact nos. and Team that you represent.
Contact Details:
Runn’ Active – 0928-3414069 / 0943-2821959


HERMANO PULI Shrine @ Brgy.Isabang ,Tayabas City,Quezon,Phils.



Historical Background:
Apolinario de la Cruz (July 22, 1814 – November 4, 1841), known as Hermano Pule or Puli (“Brother Pule”), led a major revolt against Spanish rule of the Philippines based on a struggle for religious freedom and independence.
Hermano Pule was born on July 22, 1814 in Barrio Pandác in the town of Lucban in Tayabas province (now Quezon). In 1829, at the age of 15, he decided to become a priest and tried to join the Dominican Order in Manila. During these times, Roman Catholic religious orders were closed for native people (indios). Apolinario decided to work at San Juan de Dios Hospital. During this time, he studied the Bible and other religious writings.
In 1832, de la Cruz founded the Cofradia de San José (Confraternity of St. Joseph), composed of indios. He was known to his followers as Hermano Pule. The Filipino brotherhood fostered a practice of Christian virtues. The Cofradia prohibited Spaniards and mestizos from joining without de la Cruz’s permission.
Authorities, including Spanish Governor-General Marcelino Oraá and Roman Catholic Archbishop José Segui regarded the brotherhood as heresy and an abomination of universal Christian values, ordering its dissolution. Despite its religious prohibition, the brotherhood’s numbers continued to grow.
Feeling an attack on their religious freedom from Catholic authorities, de la Cruz rallied 4,000 followers at Barrio Isabang on the slope of Mount Banahaw and was able to resist an attack by Alcalde-mayor Joaquín Ortega and his 300 men on October 23, 1841. However, reinforcements came on November 1, with Colonel Joaquín Huet who annihilated the Cofradia forces, allegedly massacring hundreds of old men, women, and children who joined Hermano Pule in Alitao in defying the Catholic leaders of the Church.
Pule fled to Barrio Gibanga but was captured by authorities the following evening. On November 4, 1841, after a brief trial held at the present Casa Comunidad, he was executed by a firing squad at the town of Tayabas, at the age of 26. After he was killed, the authorities “quartered” his body, cut off his head and placed it on a stake as a warning to those who are similarly inclined. A monument in his honor now stands in Tayabas City, and his death anniversary is a holiday in Quezon Province. Hermano Pule may have influenced secular priest José Burgos – who was executed in 1872 – to demand for racial equality in the clergy.(source: en.wikipedia.org)


CASA COMMUNIDAD de Tayabas now, where Hermano Pule, Executed, “quartered his Body and Cut-off his head then.


National Historical Institute(NHI) Marker @Casa Communidad

Hpuli medal






  1. GIL Brazil                                                   (M)                    Large  Team FRC
  2. Raymond Emarte                                 (M)                       XL
  3. Noel S. Fernandez                                  (M)                 Large
  4. Ronaldo N. Racines                               (M)                       XL
  5. Delon D. Tongga                                     (M)                   Med   Team Lopez Force Runners
  6. Anthony Guttierez                                (M)                 Med      Team Lopez Force Runners
  7. Charles Darwin Villanueva             (M)                    Med
  8. Jim U. Taguiang                                      (M)                    Med
  9. Jason E. Gayoma                                    (M)                    SM    Team Running Buddies
  10. Rod Losabia                                                (M)                  Med   Team Running Buddies
  11. Daniel Hall                                                   (M)                 Med    Team Running Buddies
  12. Dylan David Marshall                         (M)                   XL    Team Running Buddies
  13. Eden Pagsolingan                                    (F)                  Med    PMMA Runners
  14. Amiel Casanova                                        (M)                Med
  15. Gener Exconde                                         (M)                Sm      Bib024 –Genex TRB/PAR
  16. Rex Villaverde                                            (M)                XS     026-kingrex PIGS/PAR
  17. Romhel Biscarra                                       (M)               Large   

 HOW TO Get to the Venue? (TBA)











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