2nd BONPEN 100k Ultramarathon Challenge 2015(The Reverse) -OFFICIAL RESULTS

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The 26 brave starters, that challenge the reversed 2015 edition
The 26 brave starters, that challenge the reversed 2015 edition

-The 2nd edition of Bondoc Peninsula 100km Ultramarathon Challenge 2015 was successfully done on it’s second year , same distance but reversed route that started 10pm in Barangay Hall of Silangang Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon Prov. Philippines last March 21,2015(Saturday) and finished on the following day of March 22,2015 (Sunday) infront of the Municipal Building of Catanauan, Quezon Prov., from starting line the 26 registered runners traversed the reverse edition which was much harder than the usual because of numerous ascents to the rolling hills terrain of  the towns of the 3rd District of Quezon such as Padre Burgos, Agdangan, Unisan, Pitogo, Macalelon, General Luna and ended in Catanauan to complete the 100-km  challenge. Indeed ,almost hundred percent beaten the cut-off time of 18 hours with pride.




MALE Podium FINISHERs from Left: Edwin Grimaldo (1st runner-up), OLIVER N. CUEVAS (Over-all CHAMPION ,MALE), An THOMAS COMBISEN (2nd Runner-up Male)



2Bonpen.Pod ross

Ms. Roselle Abadia Abajo ( CHAMPION -Female)


Rank       Name                         Bib #             Time                        Remarks

  1. Oliver N. Cuevas –     217                 12:15:20     – Over-all CHAMPION (male)
  2. Edwin Grimaldo –      205                 12:17:20       1st Runner-up (male)
  3. Thomas Combisen – 221                12:26:17       -2nd runner-up(male)
  4. Gil Brazil -202                 13:34:12
  5. Rommel Babiera -203                 14:06:21
  6. Gilson S. Valeza -211                 14:24:41
  7. Leonardo Blanes Jr.   -224                 14:24:48
  8. Joseph dela Goza -208                 15:08:13
  9. Rodrigo Losabia -212                 15:18:12
  10. Elmeray Kabigting – 209         16:01:34
  11. Ruben Veran –  215         16:18:27
  12. Gerard Bantug   -226         16:18:37
  13. Alvin Ablitas -204         16:27:22
  14. Raniel Baracael -223         16:28:14
  15. Ernesto Abas -225          17:13:33
  16. Roselle A. Abajo – 219        17:19:21  -CHAMPION (female)
  17. Kendrick C. Asanion -220         17:19:24
  18. Loyce Nunez -218         17:26:14
  19. Levy Tungal -214          17:32:14
  20. Rex Villaverde -222           17:43:21
  21. Edwin Clemente -201          18:01:01*
  22. Joseph C.Balbino -216            18:21:14*
  23. Ivan Arca -213           18:21:16*
  24. Marjohn Prebitero -210           18:23:06*
  25. Anthony Gutierrez -206          18:25:16*
  26. Delon D. Tongga  – 207         18:25:19*

*BCT –beyond cut-off time

 Distance                              –       100km

Cut-off hours                      –          18 hrs

Reg.Participants                –          26

Did-not-finish(DNF)           –           0

No.of Finishers(BCT)         –          26

No.of Finishers(WCT)           –     20

Percentage  (wct)                 =  76.92%




In behalf of Team Runn’Active and Active Runners Association of the Philippines(ARAP) we would like to CONGRATULATE all runners/participants, Support Crews and participating Teams that compose the 2nd Batch of the recently concluded  2BONPEN(Bondoc Peninsula) 100km Ultramarathon Challenge 2105 (THE REVERSE)  and  took  the challenge of the rolling terrains and the reversed –route accrossed the towns of the 3rd distict of Quezon Province. This year’s Race started from the Barangay hall of Silangang Malicboy ,Pagbilao, Quezon and finished  infront of the Muncipal Buliding of Catanauan ,Quezon.

 In addition we are extending SPECIAL THANKS to the following persons, Organizations and Local Government Units, whom one way or the  other made these 2nd edition of Quezon Coast to Coast Ultramarathon 2015 possible, and they are;

  1. Sherrie Ann P. Palicpic -Mayor,Pagbilao,Quezon
  2. Renato L. Colico                         -Chairman,Brgy. Silangan Malicboy,Pagbilao, Quezon
  3. Roger A. Panganiban –Mayor, Padre Burgos ,Quezon
  4. Vicenta Cabangon Aguilar – Mayor ,Agadangan,Quezon
  5. Nonato Puache -Mayor,Unisan, Quezon
  6. Paulino Sayat -Mayor,Pitogo,Quezon
  7. Nelson Reyes Traje -Mayor, Macalelon,Quezon
  8. Jose Svenson Sangalang – Mayor,Gen.Luna,Quezon
  9. Ramon A. Orfanel  – Mayor,Catanauan,Quezon
  10. Blue Tradio                                            – FEETURES Socks , ALTRA shoes ,ALTRA.PH and ALTRAmaniacs
  11. Cielo LP Niang – SINGPhil Enterprises
  12. Ms Raiza Cabugwang – ENDURANCE Magazine PH
  13. Raniel Baracael – GASMA Xfinity Runners/Phothography
  14. Active Runners Association of the Philippines (ARAP)
  15. Team Runn Active Events Management –Staff
  16. Philippine National Police(PNP-QPPO)
  17. Armed Forces of the Philippines ( based in 3rd district)
  18. People along the routes of the towns of 3rd District of Quezon Province, Calabarzon Region ,Phils


Rod Losabia  As he arrived @ the Finish Line 
2BonPen.roskend Female Champ Roselle A.Abajo and running friend Doc Kendrick C. Asanion 
Gilson S.Valeza and Leonardo Blanes jr, happy finisher!!!







Catanauan Municipal Bldg -Finish Line 

The executive Assistant to the MAyor Recieved the BonPen 100 Plaque of Recognition in behalf of MAyor Orfanel
Rommel Babiera of Team Lopez-Coop Runners
Oliver Nambio Cuevas from Marinduque and Team Pasyal overtook Thom on the last 15km and still strong on his way to finish Line.
EDWIN GRIMALDO at the last 12kilometers
Middle packed runners @ Macalelon,Quezon,Philippines
Joseph De la GOza just passed At the intersection of Gen.Luna,Quezon Phils.
Thomas Combisen approaching Km88 in Brgy.San Isidro, Macalelon,Quezon wore his Altra Paradigm.
ultra strong Gil Brazil from Team FRC Leaving the town of General Luna,Quezon,Phils.







MORE PICTURES HERE!!!https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.875190305855901.1073742090.535983849776550&type=3



The Race director briefing the participants
The Race Briefing
Pit STOP at the intersection of Pototanin,Pitogo,Quezon
Baracs Baracael of Team PAR and GAsma Xfinity Runners few steps to Finishline
ELMER Ray Kabigting of Tem Pasyal After passing the intersecion of Gen.Luna,Quezon










Thank you and Congratulations see you all At 3BONPEN ultra challenge 2016!!


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