1SL240 (1st SOUTH LUZON 240Km) Endurance Challenge 2015 OFFICIAL RESULTS

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The FIRST 240km Ultramarathon Challenge in history of Philippine ultra running that happened in the Southern part of Luzon,Philippines last MAY 1-3,2015 , Saturday and Sunday
that traversed via Pres. Elpidio Quirino Highway from the towns of Tagkawayan,Quezon, Del Gallego ,Liboro, Ragay , Lupi and Sipocot of Camarines Norte, and Via Manila South Road and  traversed to Bicol National Park ( it has also Bitukang Manok) Basud,Daet,Talisay,Labo ,Sta.Elena all of Camarines Norte.

Assembly: 4:00 AM Friday (MAy 1,2015)
Gun start : 5:00 AM Friday (May 1,2015)
START : Municipal Hall Tagkawayan Quezon Province
FINISH : 5:00 AM Tagkawayan,Quezon Province
Cut-off: 48 Hrs (deferred) extended  60 Hrs
Organizer: Team Runn’ Active Events/Promos


THe  Fourteen Brave Road Warriors that Pioneered 1st South Luzon 240 km Endrance Challenge 2015


Rank    Bib#      Name             Time              Remarks

1.       245  ERIC CRUZ           47:08:00        OVER-ALL CHAMPION Male (new course record)

2.      249  ROD LOSABIA       47:09:01       1st Runner-up (Male)

3.      243  Joseph Dela Goza 47:32:52         2nd runner-up(Male)

4.      253   Elmer Caballes      52:51:31

5.      252  Patrick Geneblaza  52:55:53

6.       244  Amiel Casanova     53:56:32

7.       099 Eden Pagsolingan     54:45:42

8.        247  Rommel Babiera      55:25 :34

9.       013 ELy Casulla                55:57:51

10.       248 Russel Hernandez     56:36:31

11.        251 Percy Dela Plana      59:06:21

12.       242 Adray Joseph Alvior    59:06:25

13.        250 Baracks Baracael       59:55:55

14.       246 Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati  59:58:55

CONGRATULATIONS  to All Participants and Finishers!!! Until next Edition!!!

This Event may not be possible with the Help of the Following Personalities  and Entities ;

1. Hon. Jose Jonas ” Jo jo” Frondoso – Mayor, Tagkawayan,Quezon

2. Hon. Lydia B.Abarrientos  – Mayor Del Gallego,Camarines Sur

3.Hon. Ricardo B. Aquino  -Mayor Ragay,Cam Sur

4. Hon. Rogenor P. Astor  – Mayor, Sipocot, Camarines Sur

5. Hon Dominador Davocol – Mayor, Basud Camarines Norte

6. Hon. Joseph Ascutia – Mayor ,Labo, Cam Norte

7 .Hon. Tito S. Sarion -Mayor, Daet, CamNorte

8.  Hon. Bernardina Borja -Mayor ,Sta. Elena, Cama Norte

9  .Hon. Bobby Matamorosa -Mayor Lupi CamSur

10. Hon. Juancjo Remores  – Vice Mayor , Talisay, CamNOrte

11. Mr. Froilan Marfon Mayors Office, Tagkawayan,Quezon

12. Mr Emil Papa – Mayors OfficeTagakawayan, quezon

13.PSO June SJ de la Torre  -LGU Ragay

14. PSO Felipe P. MArtinez – LGU,Ragay Enforcer

15. Pepito dela Roca , Ragay Ambulance Driver

16. Marlon Nishisan – LGU-Ragay

17. Ariel J. Arenome  (Kabalikat -BIKOL)

18. Blue Tradio  – ALTRAmaniac-PH

19. Ms. Cielo LP NIang -SingPHiL ent.

20. Ms Raiza Cabugwang -Endurance Magazine -Ph

21. Reniel Baracael of Gasma Xfinity- Photos

22. Team REunning Active Events/Promos Staff

THE PODIUM FINISHERs from Left ; Rod LOSABIA (1st runner-up) ,ERIC CRUZ (Over-all CHAMPION) , and Joseph DELA GOZA ( 2nd runner-up)


,SL240finisher buckle



The Elusive -SL240 Buckle


The Trophy



The first 10km , heading way to Del Gallego,Camarines Sur



The Mobile Hydration ,stationed somewhere between Del Gallego and Ragay ,Camarines Sur.






The Certificate of Recognition to Mayor Jojo Frondoso of Tagkawayan,Quezon handed-over to local PnP personnel in behalf of the good Mayor of Tagkawayan.




The Race Briefing conducted by Race director Rodell Mendoza



The middle-packed  runners on their way to Sipocot ,Camarines Sur



The runners on their to way to Basud ,Camarines while on Bicol National Park.



Runners Pit-stop in one Barangay before  the town of Basud,Camarines Norte



The certificate of Recognition for LGU-Ragay and for Mayor Ricardo B. Aquino. recieved by personnels of Mayors Office



One of the Support Vehicle  of the runners

sl240 ragay


The Aid Station in Ragay ,Camarines Sur as supervised by The




Certificate of Recognition Of LGU-Ragay as recieved by Kabalikat-Ragay civicom Members













THis Historical Race was made possible thru the Management of :




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