2HP60- Hermano Puli 60km Ultra Marathon Race 2015- OFFICIAL RESULTS

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The FINISH LINE @  HERMANO PULI SHRINE in Barangay Isabang Tayabas City,Quezon Province,PH
The FINISH LINE @ HERMANO PULI SHRINE in Barangay Isabang Tayabas City,Quezon Province,PH

An ultra marathon event on its 2nd year, that started  in  Quezon Provincial Capitol ,Lucena City, Quezon Province ,Philippines, runners ran from QPC via old Manila South road(MSR) ,then went to the town of Pagbilao in the south east, then left turn to Tayabas-Pagbilao Road, headed northeast to the city of  Tayabas, all the way to Lucban,Quezon that run around to the newly opened By-Pass road then back to Tayabas afterwards, then to the direction of Sariaya via Calumpang road then down to Hermano Puli Shrine @ Brgy. Isabang ,Tayabas City.

This was  our humble contribution to this year’s 174th commemoration of the death and martyrdom of our Quezon’s Local Hero Apolinario Dela Cruz  a.k.a. Hermano Puli.

2nd Hermano Puli 60km (2HP60)UltraMarathon Race -Official Results
2015 PODIUM FINISHERS of Hermano PULI 60km Ultra Marathon 2015 (2nd Edition) Rudy Paghubusan(Bib#009-Cavite)2nd Runner-Up, MANDO CARRIAGA(Bib#060-Tanauan,Bats.)Over-All CHAMPION, Jorge Sarmiento(bib#001-Puerto Princesa City,Palawan)
TOP TEN of 2nd HP60km Ultra Marathon Race CLASS 2015, Noel Rabe,Lido Quinto,Michael Ortiz, Rudy Paghubusan,Mando Cariaga, Jorge Sarmiento,Cayetano Ibardolaza,Noel Rabe,RD Rodell Mendoza ,Anthony Balucan,and Christian Rabe. (Photo Credits. Rico Mendoza)


Rank               – Name                      – Bib #           – Official Time                      – Remarks

  1. MANDO CARIAGA -#060              -09:10:32              -OVER –ALL CHAMPION (Male)
  2. Jorge Sarmiento –#001              -09:10:42              -1st Runner-up
  3. Rudy Paghubusan            – #009              – 09:25:17             -2nd Runner-Up
  4. Cayetano Ibardolaza  -#008              -09:44:25
  5. Celedonio Quinto   -#013              -09:45:36
  6. Romeo Iligan                -#005              -09:46:43
  7. Noel Rabe                           -#010              -09:48:27
  8. Anthony Balucan             -#007              -10:22:18
  9. Christian Rabe -#011              -10:23 :18
  10. Michael Ortiz                      -#002             – 10:42:29


Actual Race Time Started                                     = 4:15 am

Actual Race Time Finished                                   = 4:15 pm

Actual Race  Distance (New)                               =60.52km

Cut-off                                                                    = 12Hrs

No. of Qualified /Registered Runners -26

Number of Starters                                  -10

Did Not start(DNS)                                  – 15

Did-not-finish(DNF)                                 =0

Disqualified (DQ)                                   -0

Number of Finishers                             -10

Percentage of Finishers                      – 100%


Prepared  by: Ms Rosel O. Jalbuena

Race Staff-Recorder




Noted by;

Rodelio L. Mendoza

Race/event  Director


Congratulations to all 2015 Podium Finishers and and  Finishers of the 2nd edition of  HERMANO PULI 60km Ultra Marathon RACE 2015 together with their support crews and Ultra Running Team Participants. Rest Well and Recover!


Runn’Active Photos-2hp 60 ultra Marathon

HP60km Ultra Marathon OFFICIAL RACE MAP
HP60km Ultra Marathon OFFICIAL RACE MAP

The 2015 edition of Hermano Puli 60km Ultra Marathon events would like to thanks the following National, Local Government units(LGU’s),Running  and Private entities whom one way or the other helped and gave assistance to make this activity possible.



  1. David C.Suarez  -Governor,Province Of Quezon
  2. Salvador Salvana –District Engr. DPWH –DEO(1st District)
  3. Roderick Alcala –City Mayor, Lucena,Quezon
  4. Sherrie Ann Palicpic- Mayor, Pagbilao,Quezon
  5. Dondi Silang – City Mayor, Pagbilao,Quezon
  6. Celso Olivier Dator –Mayor ,Lucban,Quezon
  7. Romulo Edano – Prov’l Administrator,Prov’l Gov’t of Quezon
  8. Rowell Radovan- PGDH-PGSO(Quezon Prov)
  9. Roy Sta.Rosa- Publisher ,Quezon Chronos
  10.  Cielo LP Niang –Altra Shoes by Sing Phil Ent.
  11. Blue Tradio –Altra Shoes and Feetures Socks
  12. John Henri Mariano – www.siguecorrer.com
  13. Team Mt Isarog Runners,Naga City
  14. Team GP(Guapong Palaweno) Running Group
  15. Team Runn’Active events













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