1st Southern Coast Nationals 200km (1SCN200) ULTRA RUN

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The FIRST 200km Ultra Run  event that will happen in the Southern part of Quezon province which will  cover  Three Congressional Districts of Quezon province. Runners will take Pan-Phil Highway (AH26) from Start @ Atimonan Port (King Fisher Hotel) that will pass to the coastal towns of Plaridel, Gumaca, Lopez (District 4) , Catanauan,  Gen.Luna, Macalelon, Pitogo, Unisan, Agdangan, Padre Burgos(District 3),Brgy. Silangang Malicboy,Pagbilao(district 1), will traverse on Quezon National Park and Quezon Protected Landscape (QPL) via Old Zig Zag road (Bitukang Manok),then back to Atimonan port. Participants may discover great sceneries in various landscapes  in many parts of the course.

The 1st SCN200 Ultra Run 2015 official Logo

November 28-30,2015 , Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Assembly:12:00 MN Friday ( Nov 28,2015)
Gun start : 1:00 AM Friday (Nov.28,2015)
START : Atimonan Port, King Fisher Hotel, Atimonan, Quezon Prov. Phils.
FINISH :3:00 AM  Sunday(Nov.30,2015)  Atimonan Port, Atimonan ,Quezon Prov.
Cut-off: 50 Hrs
Organizer: Team Runn’ Active Events/Promos

Early Bird Registration Date: October 19 – October 31,2015

Early Bird Registration Fee: Php 4,700.00
Regular Registration Date: November 1-21,2015
Regular Registration Fee: Php 5,000.00

SCN200 buckle design


1.This event is a SINGLE STAGE, event  will take place race RAIN or SHINE.

  1. Registration fees are not REFUNDABLE , TRANSFERABLE and /or shifting to another RACE event.

3..This event is a Qualifying Race and INCLUDED in QUEZON Ultra Marathon Series Grand SLAM AWARD-HARDCORE SERIES.
4. Finishers of  QCC160k,QD160, SL240, M2D342,, and other races beyond 100km by respected events are first Priority.

  1. Wearing reflectorized Vest etc, and Head lamp are Mandatory Requirement and must be check before start of the race and must be wear specialy during night time.6. Support Mobile Hydration and Foods Stations will be provided along the route.
    7. Service vehicle of runners and /or group of runners is a MUST..and must have a piece of tarpaulins which displays “ RACE in PROGRESS “
  2. Aside from driver of support vehicle,only ONE registered support crew is allowed to every runner.(He/she must be registered his name before the raceday.)
  3. NO two-wheeled support vehicle(Motorcycle) is allowed on the race, only four-wheeled vehicle is advised to use.
  4. Runners(self-support) without any support crew/driver/ vehicle, may deposit their drop bags to organizer’s  mobile support marshal’s vehicle .

11.Absolutely no shadowing of support vehicle to the runner/s.

12.Runners should run in the course in single-file on the farthest left-side of the road,  runners should stay in place and will  be approach by support crew on the opposite side for his/her need/s(hydration/aid/meds etc..)

13.We will allowed  one registered  PACER only on the two designated areas that the Race  Director may announce during the Race briefing.

  1. Service vehicles are required to leap-frog at any given distance that the runners may decide.
  2. CHEATING in Ultra Racing event is a Mortal SIN in whatever form like (riding in moving vehicle then leap-drop to another distance , disguising by wearing same clothes, pressuring the lead or behind runner/s using his/her support vehicle, harassing fellow runners , marshals and race official  by participants and support crew/s ,etc). upon apprehension and complaints with supporting evidence of this malpractices may mean Disqualification(DQ) from the race.
  3. For almost half of the race course, runners will be exposed in Pan-Phil highway in which in some areas are loaded of heavy and fast running vehicles, please observed and take extra care especially during dark/night time.

17.Participant that wouldn’t  meet the required cut-off time in designated areas aside from finish line may declare DNF(Did-not-Finish )

  1. In the event that there was complaint or complaints for a certain runner/s, this will be entertained only two-hours after the RACE in WRITTEN FORM sworn, signed and submitted by the complainant (not by support crew/s). Complaint/s  based on “ Hearsay ,Posted on Social Media “ without supporting evidence  of complainant to the allegations will not be entertained”. However if the complaint was supported by hard evidence and particular person is in  “ cloud of doubt “ on his/her finishing the race , the Race Director may Suspend  the participants from receiving his/her entitlements( Finisher’s Trophy ,Medal, Buckle Certificate, and shirts ) while investigation is ongoing ,but if the allegations are proved to be wrong and malicious, RD will hand-over the entitlements thereafter..

19.The Decision of the RD (Race Director) base on final analysis of suspension, DNF , DQ of runner  is FINAL.

20.Not following to the above Rules and Regulations  may mean automatic Disqualification (DQ) from the race.

* This is by Invitation and LIMITED SLOTS only!
– Inclusive of Finisher’s Medal , Certificate, Trophy, Buckle,Finisher’s Shirt, and Post Race Meal.
-NO CASH PRIZES, NO Loot BAGS ,NO WHINNING, Just Pure Pain and Fun!!!!

Registration Venues:
Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
EastWest Bank s/a # 4375-0700-0533-7326
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
E-mail your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com

Contact Details:
Runn’ Active – 0928-3414069 / 0943-2821959




SCN200 Official Race Map
SCN 200km Official Race Map


The PLARIDEL,Quezon Fishing Port Along the Coastline of the course.

A Bit of RECON RUN: 





Coast Line of Plaridel Quezon
About 3-4km from the King Fisher’s Starting Line in Port of Atimonan,Quezon


Highway boundary of PLARIDEL,Quezon and Gumaca,Quezon





This is an evaluation image and is Copyright Acclaim Images LLC. Do not publish without acquiring a license. Image number: 0515-0810-0216-4609. http://www.acclaimimages.com/_gallery/_pages/0515-0810-0216-4609.html
A SEAHORSE Mascot of SCN 200 and developmental Art design/idea of Trophy



The symbolic meaning of seahorse is quite intricate and diverse as this little creature itself is full of surprises.

The seahorse is quite a unique creature, and thought to have mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, European (alchemists) and Asians.

The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed the seahorse was an attribute of the sea god Neptune/Poseidon and as such, the seahorse was considered a symbol of STRENGTH and POWER.


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