3rd Gumaca to Pagbilao 50/50 Ultra Marathon Race 2016

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  1. jhon 2km before town of Padre BurgosQuezon

3rd G2P 50/50 Ultra marathon 2016

2016 TOP three FINSIHERS frm. Left. RD Rodell Mendoza, Rudy Paghubasan, 1.Mark Anthony B. Redondo,6. Gilbert Allan C.Malvar
2016 TOP three FINISHERS for 80km frm. Left. RD Rodell Mendoza, Rudy Paghubasan(2nd Runner-UP), Mark Anthony B. Redondo(CHAMPION), Gilbert Allan C.Malvar(1st Runner-Up)

  • 80km Distance- cut0-ff 16hrs
  • Start-Gumaca Town Hall, Gumaca,Quezon Prov.Phils
  • Finish= Brgy.Hall,Silangang Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon,PH

1.Bib# 063 -Mark Anthony B. Redondo-  11:16:22 –Overall Champion

2.Bib# 061 -Gilbert Allan C.Malvar            -13:50:25 –  1ST Runner-Up

3.Bib# 056Rudy G. Paghubusan                  -13:50:30- 2nd Runner-up

4.Bib# 057 -Christian “ Ian “ Amposta      – 14:28:17

5.Bib# 060 -Praneeth Konda                             – 15:03:3

6.Bib#059- Michael Ortiz                                  -15:03:47

No. of Starters- 6

No.of finishers -6

Percentage of Finishers- 100%


2016 TOP 3 FINISHERs for 50km  Gevaert Paul P. Papa-2nd Runner-up,3.Glenn Rosales – CHAMPION,and Jhon Mandrique Orejola - 1st Runner-Up
2016 TOP 3 FINISHERs for 50km Gevaert Paul P. Papa-(2nd Runner-up),3. Glenn Rosales –( CHAMPION),and Jhon Mandrique Orejola – (1st Runner-Up)

  • 50km Distance- cut0-ff 9hrs

  • Start- Pototanin Petron Gas Station,Brgy.Pototanin Pitogo, Quezon Prov.PH

  • Finish= Brgy.Hall,Silangang Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon,PH


1.  Bib#051 Glenn Rosales                      – 7:34:28 -CHAMPION

2.  Bib#050 Jhon Mandrique Orejola  -08:15:25 1st Runner-up

3.Bib# 052  Gevaert Paul P. Papa       -08:31:17 2nd Runner-Up


No. of Starters- 3

No.of finishers -3

Percentage of Finishers- 100%


Prepared by: Ms.Roselle O. Jalbuena

                         Event Staff/ Recorder

Noted by:

Rodell Mendoza

Race Director


In behalf of Team Runn’Active and Active Runners Assn. of the Phils.(ARAP)

We would like to Thanks and Congratulates all the Starters and Finishers of two Ultra marathon Distances together with their Support teams and crews whom exerted effort to finished the race. Likewise to the Local Government Units along the routes whom one way or the other supported this event  for three(3) consecutive years , May god bless you always. Mabuhay po ang Lalawigan ng Quezon!  SEE YOU AGAIN for OUR NEXT EDITION 2017!!


LGU’S Gumaca-Pitogo-Pagbilao Routes

  1. Hon.Erwin P. Caralian –Mayor, Gumaca,Quezon
  2. Hon.Paulino S.Sayat -Mayor, Pitogo ,Quezon
  3. Hon.Nonato E.Puache- Mayor, Unisan ,Quezon
  4. Hon.Vicenta C.Aguilar – Mayor,Agdangan,Quezon
  5. Hon.Roger A. Panganiban- Mayor, Padre Burgos,Quezon
  6. Hon.Renato L. Colico-Barangay Chairman Silangang Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon
  7. Hon.Sherrie Ann Portes-Palicpic- Mayor,Pagbilao,Quezon
  8. Ms.Ma.Theresa T. Ibarra –MGDHI- LDRRMO ,Unisan ,Quezon
  9. Mr.Jonathan Pastrana – Brgy. Tanod ,Sil.Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon
  10. Mr.John Porte- Brgy. Tanod ,Sil.Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon
  11. Mr.Charlie Diesmo- Brgy. Tanod ,Sil.Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon
  12. LGU Security Personnel of Gumaca,Quezon
  13. Mr. Enrico Losloso Mendoza


3rd Gumaca to Pagbilao 50/50 Ultramarathon 2016


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