TEAM RUNN’ ACTIVE List of 2016 Events

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ULTRA Marathon YEAR -2016


1.January 17 ,2016(Sunday) – 3G2P80 Ultra Marathon (Gumaca to Pagbilao 80km Ultramarathon 3rd edition)  Gumaca-Pitogo-Unisan-Agdangan-Padre Burgos-Pagbilao (ROAD) –G2P on its  3rd   Year, an ultramarathon event that starts from Gumaca Town Hall traverses the roads of fourth and third District of Quezon Province with its challenging routes.

2.February 13 ,2016 (Saturday)– 2BatoQ66 Endurance Run 2nd Ed.(Batangas City-to Sariaya Quezon) via Eco –tourism Road (ROAD) – BatoQ EnduRUN on its 2nd edition will now traverse to the newly constructed  of Eco-tourism road , will enter from San Juan-Candelaria road to the Castanas ,Sariaya all the way to art-deco inspired Town hall  and Sariaya Municipal Park  . 

3,March 5-6,2016 (Sat-Sun) –3BONPEN100 Ultramarathon Race(Catanauan –Malicboy Pagbilao,Bondoc Peninsula) (ROAD)- The 3rd edition will again be the much challenging reverse version, that would traverse to the rollin’ towns of 3rd district of Quezon Prov. Called BONPEN or Bondoc Peninsula.

4, March 19-20,2016 (Sun)  -1st LA 104 Ultra Marathon (Lucban to Antipolo 104km)START: PTT-Lucban  Finish : Rizal Provincial Capitol, Antipolo (ROAD) – our  new 100km plus event for 2016 is the LA104 which will crossed 3 provinces in one region.Details (TBA)   

5.**April 17,2016 (Sun)- 2nd BUT25/50 (2nd Banahaw Ultra Trail)  Brgy.Calumpang,Tayabas City,Quezon (Start/Finish) (TRAIL)- 2nd edition of BUT will commence on the 2nd week of April, running along the majestic Mt.Banahaw de Tayabas,there will be some route modifications as compare to last year but more challenging than before.

6.May 01,2016 (Sunday) -2L2DS52 Ultra marathon (2nd Lipa-Dolores-Speed50km) Start: Lipa City Hall ,Finish: Dolores Municipal Hall – on its 2nd year to test your speed  on 50km distance  from downhill start to flat to smooth ascending to finish line.   

7.**May 29,2016 (Sunday)- 1st MMTR30 (1st MAMALA Mountain  Run 30km)

Start/ Finish :  Sariaya Municipal/Rizal Park, Sariaya, Quezon Prov.PH (Road/TRAIL)  a new road-trail to hit this year that will challenge to the lung-busting route of Mamala in sariaya, stand by for the meantime details TBA.


8.June 11-12,2016 (Sat-Sun) – 3QCC 160 Ultramarathon Race (Quezon Coast to Coast 100mi) (ROAD) Start: Infanta ,Quezon  Finish: Mauban,Quezon PH *NOTE:  3 consecutive FINISHER in this RACE are entitled to QCC160 HALL of FAME award .QCC1oomiles on its third year is challenging, being the first 100miler race that was organize in Southern Luzon was the runners pride to finish this awesome route.


9.July 8-10,2016 (Fri-Sat-Sun)- 2SL240 (South Luzon 240km) Endurance Challenge

Start /Finish: Tagkawayan Municipal Bldg., Tagkawayan, Quezon (ROAD)(eid’l ft’r holiday)(ROAD) –this is the first  240km ultra marathon that was also done in the southern part, now on its 2nd year, hoping that the new challengers will set a new PRs to beat the first edition.


10.August  20-21,2016 (Sat-Sun)- 2QD160 (2nd Quezon Day 100mi) Ultra Marathon Race

Start/Finish : Tayabas City, Quezon(ROAD)- the classic 100miler QD160 will again hit the road in commemoration of the late great Pres.M.L.Quezon. The challenge never ends, we believe that new records will be set by new challengers.


11.August 21,2016 (Sun) – 4QUMar70km (4th Quezon Day Ultra Marathon Race)

Start/Finish : Tayabas City,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD) The first Ulramarathon ever organize in Quezon Province will hit the road again this year , as our fitting tribute to Pres. MLQ commemoration along with the staging of 2QD160.


12.August 28-29,2016(Sat-Sun) – 3B2Q128 (3rd Bicol to Quezon) Ultra Marathon

Start: Daet, Camarines Norte,Bicol   Finish: Lopez,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD)- the 3rd edition of B2Q will have a twist this year, how about reverse edition? Lets see details TBA.


13.September 10-12, 2016 (Sat-Sun-Mon) -2M2D342 (2nd Manila to Daet 342km) Endurance Challenge  start: Rizal Park Manila  Finish: Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol(ROAD)  -on the first ed. We made history being the first 200miler endurance run in the Philippines  that set record of 12 finishers, now on its second year we made route modifications and twist, to be able the others to join on this momentous event.   


14.October 28-30,2016  (Fri-Sat-Sun)- 2SCN200 (2nd Southern Coast Nationals 200km) Ultra Run ,START/FINISH : King Fisher Hotel, Port of Atimonan ,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD).We  inaugurated the first ed last Nov.2015 as previously dubbed as Quezon 360 where we crossed  3 political Districts of Quezon Province, this year we hope to break the coast with a Bang!


  1. November 6, 2016 (Sun) -3HP60 (3rd Hermano PULI 60km) Ultramarathon

Start: Quezon Prov’l Capitol,Lucena City  Finish: Hermano Puli Shrine ,Brgy.Isabang ,Tayabas City,Quezon Prov.PH(ROAD)- Our fitting tribute to the commemoration and death anniversary of our local Hero Apoliario de la cruz a.k.a. Hermano Puli, which will run around the towns where Puli spent his younger days.


16.November 30, 2016 (Wed-Boni.Day) -4th MAP50 (Malicboy-Atimonan-Pagbilao) Ultra Marathon ,Start: QNAS, Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon  Finish: Rizal Park,Pagbilao ,Quezon( Road)- One of the challenging route is the Bitukang Manok at Quezon National Forest Park in Atimonan, and Pagbilao, this time we will give a twist for the 4th time.


17.December 30, 2016 (Friday-Rizal Day)- 2nd BAYANI Endurance Run Start/Finish: PTT-Lucban, Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD Loops) This is almost 10km  per loop supposed to hit at the Pahiyas town of Lucban, this will be the first to introduce in the province the Loopstyle endurance run. Details TBA.

  1. *2nd week December 2016 1QBB106mi Ultra RUN 2016 – 1st Quezon Boundary to Boundary 106miles Ultra RUN (ROAD) after the successful “Takbotante 2016 Advocacy Run” we found the challenge of running from Bicol Boundary in the South to Laguna Boundary to the North.this is the 6th 100miler plus distance ultra marathon that we will be staged this year hope runners will enjoy the journey.



  1. 2SL 240

2.3QCC 160



5.2BER (Bayani Endurance Run)

 Total Mileage (TM)Required = 800 kilometers


  • 2M2D342 Endurance Challenge 2016 – SPECIAL AWARD


GS-ES400 (Grand Slam-ELITE400 Series)

  1. 3BONPEN100
  2. 1LA104
  3. 3B2Q128
  4. 3G2P80
  5. 2BER(Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required = 450 Kilometers


GS-MS  (Grand Slam –Master Series)

  1. BatoQ 66
  2. 4QUMAR 70
  3. 2L2DS50
  4. 4MAP50
  5. 3HP60
  6. 2BER(Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required = 350 kilometers


 ARAP- Trail Runner’s 100 Award (TRA100)

  1. 2BUT 25/50 –Banahaw Ultra Trail
  2. 1MMTR30 – 1st MAMALA Mountain Trail Run
  3. 2BER (Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required =100 kilometers




  1. Participants must be a finisher of each Race belong to GS- series (HS,ES,& MS)
  2. Participants may not be qualified to each GS-series if he/she did-not-Finish(DNF) particular race,had been disqualified (DQ) and/or has pending case/s of cheating, intimidation and harassment to the organizer/s and fellow runners in any of the Races belong to the series he/she aiming for.
  3. Runners must Complete the Total Mileage Requirement (TMR) on each series.
  4. Each Series Has the Following Actual Summary Mileage(ASM):

 GS –(HS,ES,MS,TRA100) –  ASM + RM  =TMR

GS-Hardcore Series(HS)   = 760km +(40km)  =800km

GS-Elite Series (ES)            = 412 km +(38km) =450km

GS-Master Series (MS)      = 296km + (54km) =350km

ARAP-TRA100 =      a) 50+30 =80km +(20km)=100km

  1.   b) 25+30 =55km +(45km) =100km  

To comply with the TM requirement ,participants must complete the Remaining Mileage(RM) after the ASM through Bayani Endurance Run(BER) event on December 30,2016 in which  after completion will be given and awarded to the respected recipient.

  1. No shifting of Race mileage from one series to another.
  2. Entitlements

GS-HS = ARAP- GS-HS Shirt, Plaque/Certificate, Trophy

GS-ES =ARAP-GS-ES Shirt, Plaque/ Certificate, ARAP- Medal

GS-MS= ARAP-GS-MS Shirt, Plaque/Cert, ARAP-Medal

TRA100 =ARAP-TRA100Shirt,Plaque/Cert.Medal



***Athlete/MALE Ultra Runner of the Year 2016

***Athlete/FEMALE Ultra Runner of the Year 2016

***Rookie Male Ultra Runner of the Year 2016

***Rookie Female Ultra Runner of the Year 2016

***2M2D342  finishers

*** 3QCC160 HALL of FAME Award (3 Consecutive Finish)


ATHLETE/Ultra runner of the Year  Award – Is the HIGHEST award that will be given to the male and female who has the highest total mileage finished in one year disregarding of the series he joined. Showed exemplary and extra-ordinary Performances in all ARAP-TRA events during the entire year. Definitely no record of Cheating of the race/s he/she joined. Role model, disciplined, worth emulating and an inspiration to  his/her fellow runners and to the running community.


ROOKIE Athlete/Ultra runner of the year Award – will be given to the male and female who has the impressive total mileage finished in one year disregarding of the series he/she joined. Showed exemplary and extra-ordinary but PROMISING Performances in all ARAP-TRA events during the entire year. Definitely no record of Cheating of the race/s he/she joined. Role model, disciplined, worth emulating and an inspiration to  his/her fellow runners.


M2D342  CERTIFICATE of Recognition  –  is the award that will be given to the participants that finished the 2 MANILA to DAET 342km Endurance Challenge 2016 within the prescribed cut-off hours.

QCC160 HALL of FAME Award
– will be given to the male and/or female who finished 3 consecutive editions of  Quezon Coast to Coast  100 miles Ultra Marathon within the cut-off time.


**The Special Award Selection Committee will be composed of 1-head and 4-members, the Race Director, TRA-staff, 2-male candidates, 1-female candidate.


7.For the purpose of evaluations of GS- Candidates(each of Series), runners should submit via email at their finished races on this pattern; Full Name- GS Series____-

  1. Event name –bib#- finish time –cut-off-remarks(champ,1st or 2ndrunner-up)



Not Later than November 30, 2016.

  1. Candidates for GS-HS,ES,MS , will be posted @ after evaluation or two weeks before the date of awarding ceremony .
  2. The awarding will be done on the Fellowship of runners after the BAYANI Endurance Run event. If there will be changes regarding time and venue this will be announced at the earliest possible time before the event.
  3. Top Finishers (Champion,1st runner-up,2nd runner-up) on all 2015 events are entitled to 15% discount on regular registration fees. ALL Grand Slam-HARDCORE Series Finishers for 2015 are all entitled to 10% discount . (This will not apply to the new events slated for 2016.
  4. The Decision of the Selection committee, Race Director and the Organizer is FINAL.
  5. Other Details will be posted /announced later or within the ultra year 2016.
  6. NON-COMPLIANCE to above requirements may mean DQ to the award.
















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