3QCC160 (3rd Quezon Coast to Coast One Hundred Miles Ultra Marathon 2016) -OFFICIAL RESULTS –

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#QCC160 Ultra Marathon 2016 TOP Three Male FINISHERS (frm Left) GIBO Malvar (1st Runner-Up) , THOMAS COMBISEN -Over-All CHAMPION 2016, and DONDON Talosig (2nD Runner-Up) with RD Rodell Mendoza ,ARAP Photo by: Baracks Baracael of Gasma Xfinity

3 QCC 160 Ultra Marathon 2016 Top Three FEMALE FINISHERS from Left ROSE Betonio (1st Runner-Up) RD Rodell, and Roselle A. Abajo -(2016 CHAMPION) Photo by Baracks Baracael of Gasma Xfinity
3 QCC 160 Ultra Marathon 2016 Female Finisher MIGNON Ygnacio – 2nd Runner-Up Photo by: Baracks Baracael of Gasma Xfinity


3QCC160 (3rd  Quezon Coast to Coast One Hundred Miles Ultra Marathon 2016)

Date: June 11-12, 2016(Saturday-Sunday)

Start:Infanta Municipal Bldg.(Covered Court) Infanta, Quezon ,Philippines

 4:00 am , June 11,2016

Finish:  Mauban Municipal Bldg. (in front)  Mauban,Quezon, Philippines

Cut-Off: 34 Hrs.


Rank         Finisher’s  Name         Bib          Time                  Remarks

  1. THOMAS COMBISEN   #170 26:52:28  -Over-all CHAMPION(male)
  2. GIBO MALVAR   #181   29:14:23 – 1st Runner-up (male)
  3. DONDON TALOSIG  #186 30:27:14  – 2nd runner-up (male)
  4. Taddy Llaneta           #173       32:36:18
  5. Glenn Rosales            #174       32:43 :26
  6. Leo Longcop               #171       32:16:38
  7. Joseph Sibal                 #172       32:17:25
  8. Roselle A. Abajo          #175       35:18:21  –CHAMPION (Female)
  9. Rose Betonio                  #182     35:18:26             – 1st Runner-Up (Female)
  10. Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati   #176       35:18:38
  11. Raymond Nable              #177       35:22:17
  12. Mark Anthony Redondo #165      35:22:20
  13. Adray Joseph Alvior        #178       35:22:25
  14. Mignon Ygnacio               #179       36:53:14 *             -2nd Runner-Up
  15. Delmo Sullano                 #180        36:53:50 *

Total Registered runners             : 20

Number of Starters                       : 17

Number of Finishers                      : 15

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       :  3

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :  2

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 88.23%

*beyond extended 2hrs.cut-off
Prepared by:
Ms. Roselle Orig-Jalbuena
Noted By :

 Rodell Mendoza

Race Director
3QCC 160 Ultra 2016 Finishers Trophies, Podium Trophies, and Hall of Fame Trophies photo by Baracs Baracael


In behalf of Team Runn’ Active Events and Promos ,and Active Runners Association of the Philippines (ARAP) we would like to CONGRATULATE all runners/participants, Support Crews and participating Teams that compose the 2nd Batch of the recently concluded  QUEZON COAST to COAST Hundred Miles ULTRAMARATHON 2015 who took  the challenge to ran the roads connecting and accrossed the provinces of  Quezon and Laguna in CALABARZON Region. The Race started from the Coastal town of Infanta, Quezon (Municipal Bldg.)and finished to the coastal town of Mauban,Quezon (municipal Bldg) runners traversed from starting point to the towns of Real,Quezon, Famy,Siniloan,Pangil,Pakil,Paete,Kalayaan,Lumban,Cavinti and Luisiana all of Laguna Province that continue up to the town of Lucban, Tayabas City and to the town of Mauban to complete the 160 kilometers  route  that lasted 36 hours from the original 34 hrs of the race due to numerous road repairs and constructions along the roads in Infanta-Real-Famy section that cause the staggering performance of all runners.

 In addition we are extending SPECIAL THANKS to the following Individuals, Non-Gov’t Orgs. and Local Government Units, whom one way or the  other made these 3rd  Quezon Coast to Coast Ultramarathon 2016 possible, and they are;

  1. Hon Rodante G. Potes       -Mayor,Infanta,Quezon
  2. Hon.Fernando “Dingdong” Llamas -Mayor, Mauban Quezon
  3. Hon.Joel Amando A. Diestro –Mayor Real,Quezon
  4. Hon.Renonia B.Muramatsu  –Mayor, Famy Laguna
  5. Hon.Eduardo Ramos Tibay  – Mayor ,Siniloan Laguna
  6. Hon.Jovito Deguia Reyes  –Mayor, Pangil ,Laguna
  7. Hon.Vipops Martinez          –Mayor, Pakil,Laguna
  8. Hon.Rojilyn Bagabaldo       –Mayor, Paete, Laguna
  9. Hon.Teodoro A. Adao –Mayor, Kalayaan,Laguna
  10. Hon.Reynato Anonuevo – Mayor, Lumban,Laguna
  11. Hon.Milbert de Leon oliveros –Mayor,Cavinti,Laguna
  12. Hon.Nestor Rondilla            – Mayor, Luisiana, Laguna
  13. Hon.Celso Olivier Dator      –Mayor, Lucban, Quezon
  14. Hon.Faustino A. Silang        -Mayor, Tayabas City,Quezon
  15. Ms Jennifer B Santos –Infanta,Queon EMERGENCY Response Team (IQuert)
  16. Lea C. Azawa-  IQUERT
  17. Chad Ruzol –IQUERT
  18. Jay R P. Avellano –IQUERT
  19. Zeedy Azagra –Infanta Lgu–GSO
  20. Irene Bodino – Infanta Lgu-GSO
  21. Alwyn Romantico – MHO(Ambulance driver) Real,Quezon
  22. Maria Divina Villasis – MHO-Real (Nurse-III)
  23. Mylene Guarin – MHO –Real (Med. Tech)
  24. Rea Ramirez Gupit – MHO –Real (Nurse)
  25. Raiza Cabugwang    – ENDURANCE Magazine PH
  26. Raniel Baracael  – GASMA Xfinity Runners/Photography
  27. Active Runners Association of the Philippines (ARAP)
  28. Team Runn Active Events and Promos–Staff
  29. People along the routes of the towns of First District of Quezon Province and towns of the 3rd and 4th  fourth districts of the Province of Laguna, PH
EVENT Pictures:
last 24km @ brgy. Alsam,Tayabas City
last 24km @ brgy. Alsam,Tayabas City Photo by Baracs Baracael
Joseph Sibal at Brgy Sil. Palale,Tayabas City somewhere @ Km145 Photo by Baracs Baracael
Ms Roselle Abajo and Ms Rose Betonio, @ Km 125 Brgy Alsam,Tayabas City ,Photo by Baracs Baracael
Glenn Rosales on his last 12 km @ Brgy Liwayway ,Mauban,Quezon photo by Baracs Baracael


GIbo Malvar, about to cross the bridge in Mainit Hot Spring , Brgy. Sil. Palale,Tayabas City,Quezon PH
Taddy Llaneta on his last 12km @ brgy Liwayway Mauban, Quezon Photo by Baracs Baracael
Don Don Talosig on early morning @km 140 Brgy Iba Palale,Tayabas City Photo by Baracs Baracael
” ARI po ang TAGAY ! ” CHEERS for the Goo run!                                                   photo by Baracs Baracael



3QCC 160- QUEZON Coast to Coast hundred Miles Ultra 2016






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