QCC 100mi Ultramarathon HALL of FAME 2016

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Photo taken @ Finish Line during 3QCC160km ultramarathon held last June 11-12,2016 at Mauban Municipal Bldg. entrance, Mauban,Quezon ,PH photo by: Baracks Baracael 

1st QUEZON COAST to COAST One Hundred Miles UltraMarathon (QCC160)

*Grand Slam-

Sports.1.the winning by a single player of several designated major championship contests in one season, as in golf or tennis.
2. any sweeping success or total victory.
* 3 consecutive years of Finishing QCC160 ultra.
*Grand Slam CHAMPION -3 Consecutive year Champion of QCC160 ultra

1st QCC 160  HALL of FAME Awardees 2016


The first in ultra marathon history in the Philippines where in soft spoken hardcore ultra marathoner Thom grabbed-in three(3) consecutive Championship award in one Hundred Miles Road Ultra Marathon event . He was the 3-time Over-all Champion of  the first 100-miler ultra event , dubbed-as the hardest 100-mile ultra marathon in Southern Luzon,PH ,the classic QUEZON Coast to Coast One Hundred Miles Ultra marathon (QCC 160). Thomas was the Champion of 1st QCC160-2014,2QCC160-2015 and 3QCC160-2016, he was native of Mountain Province and presently reside with his family in Cainta,Rizal.TLM/arap

QCC160 ultra GRAND SLAM CHAMPION THOMAS COMBISEN received from Rodell Mendoza,ARAP,Race Director the QCC160 ultra 1st HALL of FAME Plaque/Trophy awarded last June 12,2016 sunday in Mauban Municipal Building, Mauban,Quezon PH on the occassion of 3 QCC160 / photo by Baracks Baracael

1st QCC 160 ultra GRAND SLAM CHAMPION2016

Personal Records

T.COMBISEN (M) –   #037  22:50:11 Champion-1QCC2014

T.COMBISEN (M)     #176   25:07:36  Champion-2QCC2015  

T.COMBISEN (M)     #170   26:52:28 Champion-3QCC2016

QCC160 ultramarathon 1st GRAND SLAM CHAMPION -THOMAS COMBISEN native of Mt.Province / Cainta,Rizal PH photo taken 2nd QCC160 ultra2015 by Baracks Baracael

1st QCC 160km HALL of FAME awardees 2016

QCC 160 Grand Slammer , seasoned ultrarunner JEFF KRISTOFFER LUALHATI and ADRAY JOSEPH “AJ” AlVIOR with RD rodell mendoza received their QCC160 Plaque/trophy held @ Mauban Municipal Bldg June 12,2016. photo by Baracks Baracael



AJ ALVIOR from Concepcion,Marikina City,PH Photo taken frm. 3QCC160 -2016 by Baracks Baracael
Personal Records

Adray Joseph Alvior (M)  # 020      33:53:21  1QCC 2014

Adray Joseph Alvior          #173        37:21:44*2QCC2015

Adray Joseph Alvior          #178        35:22:25   3QCC2016



JEFF KRISTOFFER LUALHATI photo taken @ SL240 Endurance Run 2015 by Baracks Baracael
JEFF KRISTOFFER LUALHATI frm. NPC Village,Pasong Tamo, Quezon City,PH photo taken @ SL240 Endurance Run 2015 by Baracks Baracael
Personal Records

Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati (M)   #  022  33:39:10    1QCC2014

Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati             #182   35:19:31   *2QCC2016

Jeff Kristoffer Lualhati            #176   35:18:38     3QCC2015

 IN Behalf of Team Runn’ Active and Active Runners Assn.  of the Philippines Community ,we would like to Congratulate the  3 of you for showing your Passion.Motivational ability to inspire others  and showing as your Positive  Attitude towards fellow Runners and to the community, we wish you all the best and see you in your next journey. Again to the mighty three,Snappy Salute and CONGRATULATIONS !!!








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