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4th GUMACA to PAGBILAO 80/50km Ultra Marathon 2017

January 15, 2017 , at Gumaca and Pagbilao,Quezon. This year 4th edition Has two  Categorie, the 50mile (80km)and 50km  the event  took place that weather was favorable  to participants of both categories no heavy rains encountered unlike previous  editions, that’s why some of the participants set their new PR’s(personal Records, but the 25 brave warriors accepted  the challenge set on new modified route that last 9km was ascended to summit near susong dalaga ,but hoorah  all made it to Finish Line  at MAlicboy East Elementary School(MEES) in Brgy.Silangang .Malicboy ,Pagbilao ,Quezon..Philippines.

 Starting Line :        Gumaca Municipal Bldg( Gumaca,Quezon)

Gunstart:  1:00am     Assembly :12 MN

Cut0ff  =16hrs.

Finshline  :  MEES ,Brgy. Sil. Malicboy  ,Pagbilao ,Quezon

(Left)2017 G2P 80km PODIUM finishers Female MELODY “Ohdz” ARCE OVER-AllCHAMPION and ROSE BETONIO -1st runner-up
2017 G2P 80km Male PODIUM FINISHERS from left, Gaevert Papa-2ndRunner-up,ORLAN N. OBIS -Male CHAMPION and Victor Santos -1st Runner-up

     -OFFICIAL RESULTS- (80km-Race)

          Rank               Name                Bib #            Off’l Time               Remarks

  1. Melody Arce     -#096      -09:42:29   Over-all CHAMPION –New Female PR
  2. Orlan N. Obias -#083   -10:10:18  CHAMPION Male
  3. Vic Santos -#084      -10:13:15     1st  Runner-up Male
  4. Gaevert Paul Papa – #091       -10:29:55 2nd Runner-up Male
  5. *Fahd Rogelio Sarion -#003     -10:32:43
  6. Rose Betonio   -#089       -11:04:35 1st runner-Up Female
  7. Kenny John Rapiz -#092       -11:05:18
  8. Ronald Racines -#100       -11:23:32
  9. Laico Tolentino -#086       -12:02:18
  10. Alvin Lacerna              -#082       -12:48:16
  11. Richard Vitan              -#090       -13:00:15
  12. Glenn Rosales -#093       -13:00:28
  13. Jhon Orejola Mandrique -#087 -13:23:26
  14. Gudelia Marcelo       -#099          -13:41:16 2nd Runner-up Female
  15. Errald Gabiola             -#088             -13:59:31
  16. Rommel F.Cafe -#094            – 14:00:18
  17. Zenik Chavez       – #092             -14:17:19


Total Registered runners             : 21

Number of Starters                       : 17

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       :4

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :0

Total No. of Finisher                       :17

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 100%


2017 4G2P50km PODIUM FINISHERS from left Jofel Otor -2nd runner-up,RODEL T.FLORENDO -CHAMPION and Alvin James Arrieta -1st runner-up

– OFFICIAL RESULTS-(50km Distance)

          Rank               Name                Bib #            Off’l Time               Remarks

  1. RODEL T. FLORENDO     -#053      -06:49:31 Over-all CHAMPION  Male
  2. Alvin James Arrieta -#054        -07:15:26  1st runner-up Male
  3. RASETTE PASUELO -#058     -07:32:18  CHAMPION Female
  4. Jofel Otor  – #055    -07:56:22 2nd Runner-up Male
  5. Che Buela                     -#093     -08:55:32 1st Runner-up Female
  6. Regina Atienza Galera -#060    -09:15:38  2nd Runner-Up Female


Total Registered runners             : 06

Number of Starters                       : 6

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       :0

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :0

Total No. of Finisher                       :06

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 100%

from left, Gudelia Marcelo -4G2P80km 2nd runner-up, Raegina Galera -4G2P50km 2nd runner-up and Che Buela -4G2P50km 1st runner-up all of this females were from Sariaya,Quezon
4G2P50km 2017 Starters at Brgy.Pototanin,Pitogo,Quezon,Philippines


These event of Team Runn’Active and Active Runners Association of the Philippines(ARAP) were not be possible without the help of the following individuals, chief executive  of every LGU’s and barangays official  concerned. At this juncture also ,we would like to CONGRATULATE all runners/participants, Support Crews and participating Teams that compose the 2nd Batch of the recently concluded  2nd edition of Gumaca to Pagbilao 80km Ultramarathon 2015, whom also  took  the challenge of the rolling terrains and the reversed –route across the towns of the 4th and 3rd district of Quezon Province.

Indeed, we are extending SPECIAL THANKS to the following persons, Organizations and Local Government Units;


    1. Erwin P. Caralian       -Mayor, Gumaca ,Quezon
    2. Nora J. Astronomo                -School Principal-1 ,MEES
    3. Renato L. Colico -Chairman,Brgy. Sil.Malicboy,Pagbilao, Quezon
    4. Roger A. Panganiban -Mayor, Padre Burgos ,Quezon
    5. Rhadam Padilla Aguilar         – Mayor ,Agadangan,Quezon
    6. Nonato Puache -Mayor,Unisan, Quezon
    7. Paulino Sayat -Mayor,Pitogo,Quezon
    8. Sherrie Anne P. Palicpic Reyes -Mayor, Pagbilao ,Quezon
    9. Blue Tradio                                            – FEETURES Socks , ALTRA shoes ,ALTRA.PH and ALTRAmaniacs
    10. Cielo LP Niang – SINGPhil Enterprises
    11. John Henri A. Mariano              – SigueCorer.Com
    12. Active Runners Association of the Philippines (ARAP)
    13. Team Runn Active Events Management –Staff
    14. Philippine National Police-Quezon Prov’l Police Office (PNP-QPPO)
    15. Armed Forces of the Philippines ( based in 3rd district)
    16. All Staff of Various Mayor’s Offices of the Town concern.
    17. People along the routes of the towns of 4th and 3rd  District of Quezon Province, Calabarzon Region ,Philippines.





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