3SL240km Endurance Challenge 2017 OFFICIAL RESULTS

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South Luzon 240km Endurance Challenge 2017 Finishers and Podium Loots

CONGRATULATIONS to the participants of 3rd SL240 km Endurance Challenge 2017 ,who dared to conquer the grueling route of Quirino highway and MSR in Bicol  and one of the  hardest route ever mounted by ARAP and Runn’Active team events in Southern Luzon, Philippines.

3rd SL240 Endurance Challenge 2017 Podium Finishers; from Left, Samuel Maniaul (1st Runner-up), RONALDO N. RACINES (CHAMPION) and Rudy Paghubasan (2nd Runner-up) with the Race Director Rodell Mendoza (photo courtesy of chiccoy Gaviola)


3rd  South Luzon 240km Endurance Challenge 2017

April 29-30,May 01,201(Sat-Sun-Monday)

START: Tagkawayan Municipal Building   4:00am (April 29,Saturday)

FINISH : Tagkawayan Municipal Building  12:00nn (MAY 01,Monday)

Tagkawayan, Quezon, Philippines

Cut-Off hours: 55 hrs

Rank          –Name                 – Bib #             -Time                -Remarks

  1. RONALDO N. RACINES #014    53:32:24  Over-all CHAMPION
  2. Samuel Maniaul             #015   54:16:34 -1st Runner-Up
  3. Rudy PAghubasan  #010     54:58:31- 2nd Runner-up
  4. Raymond Nable    #012     54:58:56

Time Started    (actual)                        = 5:08 am (April 29, 2017)

Time Finished (Actual)                         = 1:08pm  (May 01 ,2017)


No. of Registered Runners               =06

Did Not start(DNS)                            =01

Did-not-finish (DNF)                         =01

Number of Starters                           =05

Number of Finishers                       = 04

Percentage of Finishers               = 80 %


Prepared  by: Ms Rosel O. Jalbuena

Race Staff-Recorder


Noted by; Rodelio L. Mendoza

-Race Director

2017 South Luzon 240 km EnduRunce Challenge 2017 Survivors


  1. Mayor JOSE JONAS FRONDOSO –Tagkawayan,Quezon
  2. Mayor LYDIA B. ABARRIENTOS       –Del Gallego,Camarines Sur
  3. Mayor TADDY RAMOS           – Ragay, Camarines Sur
  4. Mayor BOBBY MATAMORASA -Lupi, Camarines Sur
  5. Mayor ROGENOR R. ASTOR –Sipocot, CAmarines Sur
  6. Mayor ADRIAN  DAVOCO          -Basud,CAmarines Norte
  7. Mayor BENITO SY OCHOA          – Daet, Camarines Norte
  8. Mayor RONNIE MAGANA           – Talisay, Camarines Norte
  9. Mayor JOSEPH ASCOTIA     -Labo.Camarines Norte
  10. Mayor EMELITA MENDOZA      – Santa Elena, Camarines Norte
  11. Governor EDGARDO Egay TALLADO –CaMArines Norte Province
  12. Tagakawayan Municipal Mayor’s Office
  13. Camarines Norte Provincial Police Office
  14. Camarines Sur Provincial Police Office
  16. Team CARE
  17. Amiel Casanova

IN Behalf of Team Runn’ Active events Staff and Active Runners Assn .Of The Philippines (ARAP), we would like to thanks those Local Government Units and Mayors Offices of various municipalities involve and gave their cooperation in this event into huge success.Our Salute and big Congratulations to those Participants ,Finishers and Podium Finishers together with their Teams. MARAMING SALAMAT PO sa inyong SUPPORTA at sa Pagbisita sa Lalawigan ng Quezon! Hanggang sa muling Paglalakbay!!!. 

RACE highlights:

@KM 22 ,RAGAY, Camarines Sur,PH

  1. Samuel Maniaul             #015   2:10:14 
  2. Ronaldo Racines              #014    2:31:53
  3. Raymond Nable                #012     2:53:16
  4. Rudy Paghubasan            #010  2:53:25
  5. Amiel Casanova                 #011 2:53: 36
Sam on his first 8.5 km ,approaching the first town Del Gallego,CamSur
Rudy and Reymond leaving the town of Daet on the 2nd day of the race

@KM 31 ,RAGAY, Camarines Sur,PH

  1. Samuel Maniaul             #015  4:12:10 
  2. Ronaldo Racines              #014    4:22:13
  3. Raymond Nable                #012    4:51:16
  4. Rudy Paghubasan            #010   4:51:35
  5. Amiel Casanova                 #011   9:51: 36
RH King at KM 42 in Ragay, Camarines Norte, PH

@KM 62 ,LUPI, Camarines Sur,PH

  1. Samuel Manauil             #015   8:34:14 
  2. Ronaldo Racines              #014   8:34:33
  3. Raymond Nable                #012   9:20:16
  4. Rudy Paghubasan            #010  9:20: 20
  5. Amiel Casanova                 #011  9:20:26
Team Sariaya Runners Assisting runners along Sipocot-Basud Road to Bicol NAt’l Park.
  1. SL240.doods

Doods Racines about 15km to Finishline on the third 3rd day of the race.(photo by Chiccoy









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