2nd BUT 25/50(Banahaw Ultra Trail 25/50km)2016 –OFFICIAL RESULTS –

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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FINISHERS and PODIUM FINISHERs, Support Crews and PARTICIPATING TEAMS, who Conquered this year’s edition(new route) of Mt. Banahaw Ultra Trail Challenge 25/50, Maraming Salamat sa Pagbisita sa Banahaw at sa Lalawigan ng Quezon ,HANGGANG SA MULI!!!


May 28,2017

 Start: 5:30 am Petron Gas Station,Brgy Malaoa,Tayabas City, Quezon Prov.PH

 Finish: 12:30 pm Petron Gas Station, Brgy Malaoa, Tayabas City,Quezon

Actual Distance : 25.47 Km   

Cut-off= 07hrs

BUT 25km  Category Male PODIUM Finishers from left , Rogelio Espe (2nd Runner-up), ANSELMO CRUZ Jr (CHAMPION),Jerwin Mariano (1st Runner-up) with the Race Director .(photo by Team Runn’Active events)
BUT 25km  Category Female PODIUM Finishers from left , Jinky de Silva(2nd Runner-up), KRYSTINE JOY GODALLE (CHAMPION), Pierre Angelie Maravilla (1st Runner-up) with the Race Director .(photo by Team Runn’ Active events)


Rank             Name                   Bib#       Time   Remarks

  1. ANSELMO CRUZ  Jr.  – # 014  – 3:43:26  -Over-All Champion (Male) –(new Course Record )
  2. Jerwin Mariano – # 012  – 3:46:26 – 1st Runner-up
  3. Rogelio Espe               – #402 –  4:16:22   – 2nd Runner-up
  4. Eric Fulgencio  – #016   -4:52:23 
  5. Renson Emradura    – #017    -5:35:26
  6. KRYSTINE JOY GODALLE -#019   -6:04:02  CHAMPION (female)
  7. Pierre Angelie Maravilla -#018 -6:040:10 1st runner-up(Female)
  8. Stefan Jalbuena   – #005 -6:17:09
  9. Jinky de Silva                  – #015 –  6:25:03 2nd runner-up
  10. Raegina Galera               -#020- 6:35:41

Number of registered Runners- 12

Number of Starters  – 10

Did-not-Start (DNS) -02

Did-Not-Finish(DnF) -0

Number of Finishers  : 10

Percentage of  Finishers :100%


Prepared by :

Ms .Rosel Orig Jalbuena

Event Staff- Documentor

Noted by:

Rodell Mendoza

Race Director

The Take-off


The Battle
Renson Emradura fighting his own battle
The BUT 25km -2017 edition FINISHERS


In behalf of Active Runners Assn. of the Philippines and Team Runn’Active events, we would like to Thanks the following Local Govt units and officials, Gov’t and private individuals and institutions whom one way or the other contributed and gave their best efforts to make this event successful, and they are;

  1. Ernida A.Reynoso –Mayor ,Tayabas City,Quezon
  2. Philip Salvan–owner /Manager Petron Gas Staion –Malaoa Branch,Tayabas City
  3. Cornelio Ornopia – Chairman, Brgy. Malaoa ,Tayabas City,Quezon
  4. Virgilo Varga –Chairman,Brgy Bukal Ibaba, Tayabas City,Quezon
  5. Veronica Laguartilla –Brgy Chair,Bukal Ilaya Tayabas City,Quezon
  6. Rufino Llegado- Chair.Brgy Potol,Tayabas City,Quezon
  7. Emeliana Arena –Brgy.Chair. Calantas,Tayabas City,Quezon
  8. Rudy Abelido -Brgy,Chair. Alitao,Tayabas City,Quezon
  9. Ricardo Queano –Brgy. Chair. Ipilan,Tayabas City,Quezon
  10. Editha Talavera – Brgy.Chair. Baguio,Tayabas City,Quezon
  11. Bac Navarro – Ultra Runner –Volunteer Marshal
  12. Blue TRadio –Altra Maniacs-PH
  13. Cielo LP NIang –Sing Phil
  14. John Henri Mariano –Sigue Correr.com
  15. Team Runn Active Staff


Event Partners:



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