1st HP60 (Hermano Puli) 60km Ultra Marathon taken approaching  Tulay ng Princesa , highway boundary of Tayabas City and Lucban,Quezon PH

This Active Runner Site is aim to post all activities related to running either in road or in trails organized by the Active Runners Association of the Philippines as to promote local Sport-Tourism activities mainly in the province of Quezon by mounting marathon, ultra marathons and other running and sports activities.

Hopefully we can entice your passion in running specifically long distance and endurance running . through runners experiences  and race results that they got in different races,confidently  you will motivate by some of runners comments and suggestions that will inspires you in a way. Essentially it  is the runners  attitude towards races and to fellow runners that matters, some have whining tendencies and hardly going out to their comfort zones, while others came-in well-prepared had the chance being victorious and finishers. Others still continue to rediscover themselves by running long distance races and LSD’s simply to appreciate their ability to conquer things outside of their shell.

May you find the best in you by joining races and other ultra events organize by us.


Thank you!



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