2nd BUT 25/50(Banahaw Ultra Trail 25/50km)2016 –OFFICIAL RESULTS –

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CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL FINISHERS and PODIUM FINISHERs, Support Crews and PARTICIPATING TEAMS, who Conquered this year’s edition(new route) of Mt. Banahaw Ultra Trail Challenge 25/50, Maraming Salamat sa Pagbisita sa Banahaw at sa Lalawigan ng Quezon ,HANGGANG SA MULI!!!


May 28,2017

 Start: 5:30 am Petron Gas Station,Brgy Malaoa,Tayabas City, Quezon Prov.PH

 Finish: 12:30 pm Petron Gas Station, Brgy Malaoa, Tayabas City,Quezon

Actual Distance : 25.47 Km   

Cut-off= 07hrs

BUT 25km  Category Male PODIUM Finishers from left , Rogelio Espe (2nd Runner-up), ANSELMO CRUZ Jr (CHAMPION),Jerwin Mariano (1st Runner-up) with the Race Director .(photo by Team Runn’Active events)
BUT 25km  Category Female PODIUM Finishers from left , Jinky de Silva(2nd Runner-up), KRYSTINE JOY GODALLE (CHAMPION), Pierre Angelie Maravilla (1st Runner-up) with the Race Director .(photo by Team Runn’ Active events)


Rank             Name                   Bib#       Time   Remarks

  1. ANSELMO CRUZ  Jr.  – # 014  – 3:43:26  -Over-All Champion (Male) –(new Course Record )
  2. Jerwin Mariano – # 012  – 3:46:26 – 1st Runner-up
  3. Rogelio Espe               – #402 –  4:16:22   – 2nd Runner-up
  4. Eric Fulgencio  – #016   -4:52:23 
  5. Renson Emradura    – #017    -5:35:26
  6. KRYSTINE JOY GODALLE -#019   -6:04:02  CHAMPION (female)
  7. Pierre Angelie Maravilla -#018 -6:040:10 1st runner-up(Female)
  8. Stefan Jalbuena   – #005 -6:17:09
  9. Jinky de Silva                  – #015 –  6:25:03 2nd runner-up
  10. Raegina Galera               -#020- 6:35:41

Number of registered Runners- 12

Number of Starters  – 10

Did-not-Start (DNS) -02

Did-Not-Finish(DnF) -0

Number of Finishers  : 10

Percentage of  Finishers :100%


Prepared by :

Ms .Rosel Orig Jalbuena

Event Staff- Documentor

Noted by:

Rodell Mendoza

Race Director

The Take-off


The Battle
Renson Emradura fighting his own battle
The BUT 25km -2017 edition FINISHERS


In behalf of Active Runners Assn. of the Philippines and Team Runn’Active events, we would like to Thanks the following Local Govt units and officials, Gov’t and private individuals and institutions whom one way or the other contributed and gave their best efforts to make this event successful, and they are;

  1. Ernida A.Reynoso –Mayor ,Tayabas City,Quezon
  2. Philip Salvan–owner /Manager Petron Gas Staion –Malaoa Branch,Tayabas City
  3. Cornelio Ornopia – Chairman, Brgy. Malaoa ,Tayabas City,Quezon
  4. Virgilo Varga –Chairman,Brgy Bukal Ibaba, Tayabas City,Quezon
  5. Veronica Laguartilla –Brgy Chair,Bukal Ilaya Tayabas City,Quezon
  6. Rufino Llegado- Chair.Brgy Potol,Tayabas City,Quezon
  7. Emeliana Arena –Brgy.Chair. Calantas,Tayabas City,Quezon
  8. Rudy Abelido -Brgy,Chair. Alitao,Tayabas City,Quezon
  9. Ricardo Queano –Brgy. Chair. Ipilan,Tayabas City,Quezon
  10. Editha Talavera – Brgy.Chair. Baguio,Tayabas City,Quezon
  11. Bac Navarro – Ultra Runner –Volunteer Marshal
  12. Blue TRadio –Altra Maniacs-PH
  13. Cielo LP NIang –Sing Phil
  14. John Henri Mariano –Sigue Correr.com
  15. Team Runn Active Staff


Event Partners:



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1st MAP 50k Ultramarathon 2013 (Malicboy -Atimonan-Pagbilao) Quezon Prov. Philippines

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1MAP 50k Ultra Marthon 2013 Poster
1MAP 50k Ultra Marthon 2013 Poster



MAP50kilometer run 2013

17 November 2013 , START /FINISH @ QNAS

Official Results

Rank           BibNo.              Name                                      Gun Time

  1.    #043  Christian Velson Ticson      5:48:46 (Champion-MALE)
  2.   #020   Eric Cruz                                     5:54:55   (1st runner-up Male)
  3.  #070 Cecille “Ces” Yuson                 6:09:25      (Champion-FEMALE)
  4.   #013   Allan Sabado                             6:23:49     (2ndrunner-up Male)
  5.           #017                Leonardo Teovico Andaya                   6:24:23
  6.           #074                Edizer Alvano                                           6:28:21
  7.           #021                Ronaldo Racines                                      6:41:14
  8.           #011                Jilbert Marpiga                                         6:42:13
  9.           #105                Almar Danguilan                                     6:47:25
  10. #105    ANNALIZA KAWABATA        (F) 6:54:56  (1st unnerupFEMALE)
  11.           #050                Fally Advincula                                        6:55:40
  12.           #072               Ginno Ocena                                            7:01:55
  13.           #087               Leonardo Blanes jr.                                 7:01:56
  14.           #031               Oliver N. Cuevas                                      7:09:42
  15.           #076               Mark Andrew Mellar                              7:11:45
  16.           #042               Abelarde Cruz                                           7:12:13
  17.    #071    ROSELLE ABAJO (F)        :13:43 (2ndrunner-up FEMALE)
  18.           #051               Nelson JAniola                                          7:22:09
  19.           #049               Armando Olan                                          7:27:30
  20.           #210               Archie Cuntapay                                       7:28:21
  21.           #084               Obeth Malana                                           7:29:24
  22.           #001               KATHLEEN FRESNIDO (F)                         7:33:32
  23.           #101               Ruben Veran                                              7:35:34
  24.          #098                Ruben M. Casim                                        7:35:42
  25.           #030               Russel Hernandez                                      7:35:59
  26.           #083               William Marino                                          7:37:22
  27.          #082                Jonel de Ocampo                                       7:37:28
  28.          # 099               John Mark Pagatpatan                              7:44:37
  29.          #112                SHERYLL QUIMOSING   (F)                         7:48:51
  30.          #068                Henry Llorente                                            7:5036
  31.          #096                Mario JacobAlcantara                                7:52:16
  32.          #123                 Nelson Val Caro                                          7:59:21
  33.          #120                Andrew Lee Lodriga                                    8:03:34
  34.          #075                Ronel Medina                                               8:03:43
  35.          #127                CHERYL BIHAG       (F)                                  8:06:08
  36.          #117                Christian Almendrala                                8:06:19
  37.          #044                Ely Bagsit                                                     8:09:42
  38.          #015                Chester Berson D. Terciano                     8:14:38
  39.          #038                Proceso Espina                                           8:17:25
  40.          #026                David Buban                                               8:19:09
  41.          #010                Robert Vocal Jr.                                           8:21:05
  42.          #107                EdgarVocal                                                   8:25:06
  43.          #029                Bong Anastacio                                           8:21:48
  44.          #025                Jon Borbon                                                   8:21:50
  45.          #036                Enrique Trinidad                                          8:24:43
  46.          #062                Christian Contaoi                                        8:26:00
  47.          #100                Jeramy Blas                                                  8:26:44
  48.          #222                DAISY ICARO PARISH (F)                             8:27:30
  49.          #008                Ma. VICENTA ”AVHIC” GADO (F)              8:27:45
  50.          #125                Greg Pusag                                                   8:29:45
  51.          #059                KARLENE SEBASTIAN (F)                             8:29:55
  52.          #060                Calvin John Escandor                                  8:29:57
  53.          #092                Pastor “Boyet” Ligas                                   8:30:59
  54.          #090                Fernando Rodolfo Talosig                          8:31:31
  55.          #045                Ronald Cayabyab                                         8:32:48
  56.          #003                Allenstein Co                                                8:34:41
  57.          #122                Roberto Hernandez                                     8:35:21
  58.          #085                Archie Martinez                                            8:36:33
  59.          #086                Ricky Sangalang                                            8:36:35
  60.          #067                Jun Reception                                               8:41:45
  61.          #061                Mark Capistrano                                           8:44:21
  62.          #066               Rexroland Fortuno                                        8:46 12
  63.          #027               GERARDINE KUN (F)                                      8:50:33
  64.          #094                Rogelio G.Pinson                                           8:53:05
  65.          #089                Dominic Darisan                                            8:57:56
  66.          #079                Wenifred Abustan                                        8:59:50
  67.          #111                Marquiz ”aquiz” Minlay                               8:59:56
  68.          #073                Bong Capiton                                                 9:05:10
  69.          #109                SHIELA COMPEDIO (F)                                 9:05:21
  70.          #129                Joseph Sibal                                                   9:05:54
  71.          #018                Vladimer Quetua                                          9:06:53
  72.          #113                Bong Dizon                                                     9:07:23
  73.          #037                Eddie Remojo                                                 9:07:50
  74.          #095                  William Garcia                                                9:09:36
  75.          #088                  Leo Longcop                                                    9:14:20
  76.          #128                  Jess Benitez                                                     9:14:38
  77.          #006                  Jerome Ventura                                              9:15:17
  78.          #102                  Juhvic Unciano                                                9:16:03
  79.          #009                  Herbert Puyat                                                  9:27:20
  80.          #080                  Mark Jayson Antonio                                      9:27:42
  81.          #007                  Merlito Mallari                                                 9:32:12
  82.          #056                  Amor Gabriel                                                    9:32:17
  83.          #110                 CHINKY VILLAVICENCIO (F)                              9:34:33
  84.          #052                 Joseph Martinez                                                9:35:32
  85.          #063                 MYONEE   MENDEZ (F)                                     9:38:14
  86.          #004                 Gerson Yuson                                                     9:41:30
  87.          #005                 REZA TORDILLA (F)                                             9:41:36
  88.          #058                 Ronald Bolo                                                         9:41:40
  89.          #035                  Jilson Batistil                                                      9:41:42
  90.          #040                 Raniel Baracael                                                   9:58:48
  91.          #076                 Mark Andrew Mellar                                          9:58:55
  92.          #016                 Jervin Arsi Butchi                                                 9:59:16
  93.          #022                 Edmar Borja                                                         10:16:33
  94.          #118                 Marquiz Alberto Minlay                                     10:16:33
  95.          #126                 Vicente Zapata Jr.                                               10:16:33
  96.          #012        MARY JOANNE SAPALASAN (F)                        10:16:33
  97.          #106          MARISHELLE MORALES (F)                                10:17:45
  98.          #124                 Nestor Ramirez                                                    10:23:54
  99.          #028                 Jeffry Capule                                                         10:16:21
  100. #121                 John Jetterson Manlugon Yap                            10:16:33
  101. #064                 Chris Arazas                                                           10:34:46
  102. #081                  Mario Caunin                                                         10:54:40
  103. #048                 Jon C.Marasigan                                                    11:12:56
  104. #033                 John Paul Lipardo                                                  11:21:09
  105. #054                  Doods Abuel                                                          11:21:10
  106. #019                 Jespher Harold Sales                                             11:26:36
  107. # 046                 Christian Contaoi                                                   11:26:37
  108. #065                  Gilbert Balid                                                            11:28:08
  109. #034                  Ike Manuel Flores                                                   11:30:02
  110. #023                  Homer Reytas                                                          11:35:16
  111. #104                   John Mark Tano                                                      11:38:29
  112. #024                    Jaylord Corsino                                                         11:40:23
  113. #103                    Marlon Francisco                                                     11:45:17
  114. #097                    John Aldrin Noceja Caga                                         11:53:23
  115. # 119                    Liezel Notorio                                                           -DNF-
  116. # 093                    Edwin Alas                                                                 –DNF-
  117. #002                    GregoryMorse                                                          -DNS-
  118. #014                     Myla Go                                                                    -DNS-
  119. 032                     PamLozano                                                               -DNS-
  120. #039                     Angel Cinco III                                                          -DNS-
  121. #053                     Manny Ocampo                                                       -DNS-
  122. #055                      Nicolas B.de Leon                                                    -DNS-
  123. #069                      Matthew David                                                        -DNS-
  124. #108                       Roland Pangilinan                                                   -DNS-
  125. #091                      Loreto  C. Cabuag Jr.                                               –DNS-


Registered Runners=  129

Starters                     =  116

Finishers                   =114

CHAMPION MALE:  043   Christian Velson Ticson                     5:48:46      

 CHAMPION FEMALE:     #070  Cecille “Ces” Yuson     6 :09:25     


Race Briefing by the RD
SHORT PRAYER Before the start
#043 Christian Velson Ticson 5:48:46 (Champion-MALE) #070 Cecille “Ces” Yuson 6:09:25 (Champion-FEMALE)
FINISHERS throphies
CARBOLOADING Night before the run
Mayor Sheryrie Ann P.Palicpic and Chief of Police of Pagbilao Municipal Police Station

  MAP50kdiegz15 MAP50krdiegz4 MAp50kdiegz8 Map50kdiegz4 Map50kdiegz2 MAp50kbuban1 MAP50kultrateaser MAP50kwillteaser

1MAP 50k Ultra Marthon 2013 Poster
1MAP 50k Ultra Marthon 2013 Poster
THe Official MAP and RACE ROUTE

MAP50kdiegz14 MAP50kdiegz13 Map50krdiegz3 MAP50kultrateaser Map50kr1 Map50ksupvehicle1

CHAMPION FEMALE:     #070  Cecille “Ces” Yuson      6:09:25     

Here’s a Video ,courtesy of William Marino’s Group(Team EK EK/PandG)


3L2D-S52 Ultra Marathon 2018- RACE RESULTS

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3rdLIPA-DOLORES –SPEED52  Ultra Marathon 2018

Congratulations to the 3rd  Batch Ultra runners  of the 2018 edition of the recently concluded event held Last January 28,2018 Sunday ,started in Lipa City Hall,Batangas Prov. PH and commenced in the peaceful and yet home of the mystic mountain of Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Kinabuhayan in Dolores ,Quezon Town Hall. , you showed an awesome performance during the race. We Salute to FINISHERS , PODIUM FINISHERS and Support Crews !!



From left ; RD Rodell,RODEL T. FLORENDO. JOJIE DAGAAS(Champion) – and ISAIAS H. Tonog II (photo by:team Runn’active)
FROM Left ;Pamela Mangampo ,WINLE MAICA D.BAUTISTA  CHAMPION –Female and Dhonabel Castillo   (photo by; Team Runn’ Active)        


  1. JOJIE DAGAAS –  Bib# 303     – 5:41:58  – Over-All CHAMPION
  2. RODEL T. FLORENDO – # 314  –5:46:19     -1st runner-up
  3. ISAIAS H. Tonog II – #310     -5:46:33   -2nd Runner-Up
  4. Jun P. Briones       -#309      -6:16:59
  5. Wilson Cabana        -#319       -6:47:06
  6. Edgar A. Formento – #320      -6:47 :08
  7. Orlan Obias   – #308      – 7:04: 05 
  8. Garry Reyes                    – #318     -7:08:23
  9. Julius Cesar Laesa       – #313    -7:25:16 
  10. Christopher de la Cruz   -#304     -7:25:18
  11. Symon Maniaul               -#302     -7:43:06
  12. Wilbur Gurado                -#306     -7:43:33
  13. Rommel G. Café  -#312    – 7:44:07
  14. Winle Maica D.Bautista -#311     -7:44:08  CHAMPION –Female
  15. Warren Puno                     -#315  – 7:50:22
  16. Roselito Rosuello -#317  – 8:10:28
  17. Edicer Angeles                   -#316     -8:14:40
  18. Pamela Mangampo          -#300   – 9:16:59 -1st runner-up Female
  19. Dhonabel Castillo               -#301    -9:17:02 -2nd Runner-up Female


Total Registered runners             : 21

Number of Starters                       :19

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       : 2

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :0

Total No. of Finisher                       :19

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 100%

Cut-off  ( 9hrs –Speedsters and 10hrs reg.)


Thank you very much to our Partner Organizations and

Local government Units:



  1. Hon,MEYNARDO A. SABILI – Mayor, LIPA City,Batangas
  2. Hon.MARIO M. MILAN Jr. – Mayor, DOLORES ,Quezon
  3. Hon.MANUEL B. ALVAREZ –Mayor, ROSARIO, Batangas
  5. Hon.ERICK M. WAGAN – Mayor, San ANTONIO, Quezon
  6. Hon.RAMON PREZA -Mayor, TIAONG,Quezon
  7. Ma’am AMY – Mayor’s Office Lipa City Hall
  8. Mr.Bac Navarro                            – runner and LGU Tiaong ,Quezon
  9. Ms.Raegina G. Atienza                       -Team ARAP Staff
  10. Mr.Ponciano Garcia – TMO- San Antonio,Quezon
  11. Mr.Andres de Guia                             – TMO –San Antonio,Quezon
  12. Mr.Jimmy Gallardo                            – TMO –San Antonio,QuezonMr.
  13. Mr.Romeo Ramos                               –TMO –San Antonio, Quezon
  14. Mr. Romel L. Vidal – MDRRMO –San Anrtonio
  15. Local Government of Dolores ,Quezon
  16. Team Sariaya Runners
  17. Team Run Candelaria
RACE BRIEFING with RD Rodell Mendoza

What transpired during the Race?


KM 11 (P.Garcia- Rosario Highway Intersection)

  1. #303 – Dagaas -50:22
  2. #314 – Florendo -56:17
  3. #319 –Cabana      -57:59
  4. #320 -Formento  – 58:17
  5. #309 -Briones     – 58:48
  6. #310 –Tonog    – 1:01:24
  7. #308 – Obias -1:01:26
  8. #313 Laesa         -1:01:42
  9. #304 de la Cruz – 1:01:50
  10. #318 Reyes       -1:09:16



  • #314 –Florendo  -1:39 :23
  • #303-   Dagaas   – 1:41:24
  • #320 –Formento  -1:44:11
  • #309 -Briones       –1:44:13
  • #319 -Cabana     – 1:45:21
  • #310 – Tonog     – 1:48:14
  • #308 – Obias       -1:51:35
  • #313 – Laesa        -1:53:52
  • #304 -Tupe de la Cruz – 1:53:58
  • #318 Reyes          -1:08:50
  • #302 Maniaul      -2:17:21
  • #317 Rosuelo     – 2:18:50
  • #316 Angeles   – 2:19:14
  • #315 Puno -2:19:48
  • #306 Gurado     -2:19:55
  • #312 Café -2:32:27
  • #311 Bautista -2:32:33
  • #301 Mangampo -2:11:14
  • #300 Castillo          -2:41:16


KM 33 – San Antonio Proper

  1. #303 Dagaas
  2. #310 Tonog – 3:16:30
  3. #314 Florendo    – 3:16:49
  4. #320 Formento    -3:25:33
  5. #309 Briones  -3:28:26
  6. #319 Cabana         -3:36:21
  7. #308 Obias            -3:50:21
  8. #304 de la Cruz  -4:07:27
  9. #313 Laesa            -4:08:08
  10. #318 Reyes            -4:19:06


TEAM SUPPORT- Team RUN CANDELARIA (photo by; Team Runn’Active)
Traffic Management personels and MDRRMO-San Antonio Quezon assisting Race Participants and support crews







3rd LA 104 Ultra Marathon 2018

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3rd  LA104 Ultra Marathon 2018 (Lucban-Antipolo104km)

Is on its 3rd  year edition and the second event for ARAP Grand Slam –ELITE Series, this 104km plus event for 2018 will traversed via backdoor Manila East Road and will crossed   Quezon, Laguna and Rizal provinces of Region 4a. The 1st LA104 Hall of FAME (HOF) awardee will confered upon finishing the race and will be given HOF recognition during Award and recognition Ceremony in December.

 March 17-18, 2018

Assembly: 8PM (March 17)Sat, Gun Start: 9PM (March 17,2018)Sat
START : PTT Gas Station, Lucban, Quezon (Near Kamay ni Hesus /diversion Rd)
FINISH : 4:00PM  March 18,2018(Sun) (Ynares Center) Rizal Provincial Capitol, Antipolo City,Rizal
Cut-off: 19 hrs

 Registration Fees:

Early Bird ( January 24,2017 – Jan 31,2018): Php 2,700
Regular (Feb1- Feb 28,2017): Php 3,000.00
– Inclusive of Finisher’s Medal , Certificate, Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt, and Post Race Meal


Registration Venues:
Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
Bank :EASTWEST s/a 2000-0528-5495

Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza

MLKP, Palawan Express, and/ or LBC
E-mail copy of your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com

LA 104 FINISHER’s Medal
 LA 104 -2018 PODIUM and FINISHER’s TROPHIES and Medals
LA 104 Males and female 2017 Podium Finishers wearing Finisher shirts
PTT -Lucban,Quezon STARTING LINE Venue
LA 104 Race Route MAP
Rizal Provincial Capitol and Ynares Center, Antipolo City , FINISH LINE VENUE


*This event is a Qualifying Race and INCLUDED in ARAP Ultra Marathon ELITE Series Grand Slam Award
* Mobile aid/ Hydration Stations are located every 10 kilometers.
* Service vehicle to runners and /or group of runners is a MUST but not mandatory.

*Medical Certificate are Required (for the newbies)

*Mandatory 9hrs Cut-off Hours @ KM 52 –( Famy-Siniloan Junction)

*Participants are advised to bring their  support crews and vehicles with tarpaulins of their respected individual name/s or team.

*For those unsupported participants there are lots of sari-sari stores along the routes.

*Runners should run and single files on the left-most part of the road facing against traffic, there are lots of road repairs and constructions ongoing please take extra care, in addition some routes has heavy volume of traffic especially 15kms away to FL, please observe heavy and fast moving vehicles.

*Participants are advise to bring their own first aid kit.   

* Except for the Race Marshalls/volunteers , two-wheeled like motorcycle /bicycle are prohibited as support vehicles during the entire race, doing so is  subject for runner’s disqualifications (DQ)

* Wearing of reflectorized gears and head lamps are mandatory and will be checked before the race during race kit distributions and during the race.

* Let us maintain the integrity of the race, loitering ,cheating, and whining is prohibited!

-Not following to the above stated rules are grounds for DQ (disqualifications)

Organizer: ARAP andTeam Runn’Active events


For more information:
Mobile: 0928-3414069 / 0943-2821959



5G2P 50/50 2018 -OFFICIAL RESULTS-

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5th GUMACA to PAGBILAO 80/50km Ultra Marathon 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to all 80km and 50km FINISHERS and PODIUM FINISHERS  of the Fifth Edition of Gumaca-Pitogo-Pagbilao Ultra Marathon Race 2018. See you on our this Year’s next events!


5 G2P 80km ULTRA MARATHON RACE 2018 Brave STARTERS posed in front of GUMACA MUNICIPAL Bldg.

 Date Line : January 14, 2018 ,@ Gumaca and Pagbilao,Quezon.

This year 5th edition was backed to its original route and  have  two  categories again, the 50mile (80km main)and 50km(side event)  the event  took place smoothly, weather was favorable  to participants of both categories light  rains encountered  since it started in gumaca, unlike  previous  editions where heavy rains obstructed to runners ,and because of this some of the participants set their new PR’s and almost all  made it to the Finish Line in Malicboy East Elementary School(MEES) in Brgy. Silangang .Malicboy ,Pagbilao ,Quezon..Philippines.

 Starting Line :        Gumaca Municipal Bldg( Gumaca,Quezon)

Gunstart:  1:10am     Assembly :12 MN

Cut0ff  =16hrs.

Finshline  :  MEES ,Brgy. Sil. Malicboy  ,Pagbilao ,Quezon

5G2P 80 KM PODIUM FINISHERS   From Left , GIL Brazil   -1st runner-up ,RAFF MAESTRO Over-ALL CHAMPION-
 SATURNINO Camangonan 2nd Runner-up 


5G2P 80 km ultra 2018 FEMALE Champion MILES EVANGELISTA
5G2O 80km 2018 Female 1st Runner-up LOU RUANES
5 G2P 80km Ultra 2018 Female  2nd runner-up GEN G. de LEON

   -5 G2P 80km-


          Rank               Name                Bib #            Off’l Time               Remarks

  1. RAFF MAESTRO          -#091 -8:35:45 –OVER-ALL CHAMPION- Male
  2. GIL Brazil                     -#082   -08:45:55 1st runner-up Male
  3. SATURNINO Camangonan – #095 -09:45:55 2nd Runner-up Male
  4. Kevin Luna    -#096     -10:16:26
  5. Leonardo Blanes Jr.             -#108     -10:33:43
  6. Danny Nad                            -#086     -10:45:55
  7. Vic Topacio                          -#090        -11:18:28
  8. Kelvin Castro                         #100     -11:31:42
  9. Jaymar Avelino                    -#097     -11:59:09
  10. Heaven Laborde                   -#085     -12:00:10
  11. Kenn Carino                            -#093     -12:13:23
  12. RJ  Velasco                             – #102    -12:21:31
  13. Ronald C. Rosas                       -#089     -12:51:10
  14. MILES EVANGELISTA(F)     -#092      -12:59:09   CHAMPION –Female
  15. Tomas Tejada          -#111     -12:59:19
  16. Ricardo Maguyon Jr.        -#101     -13:13:23
  17. Jeremias J. Escober           -#088     -13:36:46
  18. Mando Cariaga   -#103     -13:46:56
  19. LOU Ruanes (F) -#098       -14:10:20 1st runner-Up Female
  20. Jervis Esaparrago                   -#099       -14:10:25
  21. Sepjo Balbino                            -#106       -14:10:30
  22. Elmar Casauay                        -#084       -14:49:59
  23. GENEVIE G. de Leon              -#080       -14:56:06 2nd runner-up
  24. Aris de Leon                           -#081       -14:56:12
  25. Marjohn Presbitero           -#094       -14:57:07
  26. Larry Wayne Olaguir                 -#087       -15:38:58
  27. Alex Cuevas                                       -#104         -15:57:13
  28. Ludovico Librilla Jr.     -#087         -15:57:26
  29. Ricky D. Francisco        -#094        – 15:59:15
  30. Rudy Paghubasan       – #110        -15:59:25


Total Registered runners             : 32

Number of Starters                       :31

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       :1

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :1

Total No. of Finisher                    : 30

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 96.77%

5 G2P 50km 2018 PODIUM FINISHERS from Left ;RALP Louie E. Jacinto-1st runner-up .MICHAEL de la RAMA   CHAMPION,and  JOMS Sta. Ana                                       -2nd runner-up
5 G2P50km 2018 FEMALE PODIUM FINISHERS from Left ,ROSE Mamano -1st runner-up MARGIE PAILAGA  – CHAMPION and GAILE Par 2nd runner-up

  – 5 G2P 50km=


          Rank               Name                Bib #            Off’l Time               Remarks

  1. MICHAEL de la RAMA                            -#056      -05:53:13  CHAMPION  Male(new course record)
  2. RALP Louie E. Jacinto                        -#051     -6:10:59:20 -1st runner-up MAle
  3. MARGIE PAILAGA                                   -#050    –      6:45:55    CHAMPION Female
  4. JOMS Sta. Ana                                           -#063        -7:30:40 -2nd runner-up
  5. Gerard Kress Bulayungan                       -#053     -7:58:08
  6. ROSE Mamano (F)                               -#062      -8:31:41 -1st runner-up Female
  7. GAILE Par (F)                                         -#052      – 8:43:53 -2nd runner-up
  8. Katrin Cruz (F)                                       – #058       -08:44:54
  9. Christopher Carlos P. Chiudan           -#055  -08:53:03
  10. Sherwin Jay Paji                                       -#061    -09:13:23  
  11. Sabrina Oliveros (F)                               -#057      -09:17:27
  12. Johnston Lontok                                      -#054     -09:23:33


Total Registered runners             :12

Number of Starters                       : 12

Did-not-Start (DNS)                       :0

Did-not-Finish(DNF)                      :0

Total No. of Finisher                       :12

Total Percentage of Finishers      : 100%

5 G2P 50km Ultra Race 2018 12 Brave Starters @ Pototanin,Pitogo Gas Station
Admin Elmo Caralian recieving Plaque of appreciation from ARAP Race Director in behalf of Mayor Caralian and for the LGU Gumaca
Mayor Paulino S. Sayat of Pitogo ,Quezon receiving Plaque of Appreciation From RD Rodell for their untiring support to all ARAP Races


Ms.Ma. Theresa T. Ibarra Chief,MDRRMO-Pitogo,Quezon, receiving Plaque of Appreciation from RD Rodell for their untiring support to the security and welfare of runners passing thru their Area of Responsibility in Pitogo.


These event of Team Runn’Active and Active Runners Association of the Philippines(ARAP) were not be possible without the help of the following individuals, chief executive  of every LGU’s and barangays official  concerned. At this juncture,we would like to CONGRATULATE all runners/participants, Support Crews and participating Teams that compose the 5th Batch of the recently concluded  5th edition of Gumaca to Pagbilao 80km Ultramarathon 2017, whom also  took  the challenge of the rolling terrains and countryside-sceneries  across the towns of the 4th and 3rd district of Quezon Province.

Indeed, we are extending SPECIAL THANKS to the following persons, Organizations and Local Government Units;       

  1. Hon.Erwin P. Caralian -Mayor, Gumaca ,Quezon
  2. Mr.Jaime Martinez Jr           -School Principal ,MEES
  3. Hon.Renato L. Colico -Chairman,Brgy. Sil.Malicboy,Pagbilao, Quezon
  4. Hon.Roger A. Panganiban -Mayor, Padre Burgos ,Quezon
  5. Hon.Rhadam Padilla Aguilar         – Mayor ,Agadangan,Quezon
  6. Hon.Nonato Puache -Mayor,Unisan, Quezon
  7. Hon.Paulino Sayat -Mayor,Pitogo,Quezon
  8. Hon.Sherrie Anne P. Palicpic Reyes -Mayor, Pagbilao ,Quezon
  9. Hon.Elmo Caralian –Municipal Administrator,Gumaca,Quezon
  10. Ms.Ma. Theresa T. Ibarra                – Chief,MDRRMO-Pitogo,Quezon
  11. Ms.Mary Grace B. Coros  – Staff, Mayor’s Office-Pitogo
  12. Ms.AisLinn S. Orbiana                          -Staff, Mayor’s Office- Pitogo
  13. Ms.Sheril P. Briones                        – Staff, Moyor’s Office -Agdangan
  14. Blue Tradio                 – FEETURES Socks , ALTRA shoes ,ALTRA.PH
  15. Cielo LP Niang – SINGPhil Enterprises
  16. Raegina Atienza Galera –Team ARAP
  17. Winle Maica Bautista            –Team Gumaca Ultra Runners
  20. TEAM PAR –Pinoy Aspiring Runners
  22. Team BANAYAD Runners
  23. Ate SUSIE
  24. Team Runn Active Events Management –Staff
  25. Philippine National Police-Quezon Prov’l Police Office (PNP-QPPO)
  26. Armed Forces of the Philippines ( based in 3rd and 4th district)
  27. All Staff of Various Mayor’s Offices of the Town concern.
  28. People along the routes of the towns of 4th and 3rd  District of Quezon Province, Calabarzon Region ,Philippines














4BatoQ66 -2018

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4BatoQ66 ( Batangas to Quezon 66km) Endurance Run 2018

“ ..redefining your limits on flat road…”

This is the  fourth edition,of the Batangas to Quezon 66km Endurance Run ,.This year’s edition of BatoQ66 ultra run event will redefine your limits and patience running on mostly flat surface , not just an ordinary route to challenge, this will start in Batangas City (Provincial Capitol) in the province of Batangas and will pass through the municipalities of Ibaan, Rosario, and San Juan in  Batangas, and will go through the part of new route Eco-Tourism Road along coastal barangays of Sariaya , Quezon Prov.PH.
February 25, 2017 (Sunday)
Starting Line : Provincial Capitol of Batangas, Batangas City
Finish Line : Municipal (Rizal) Park , Sariaya, Quezon
Assembly: 2:00 am
Gun start : 3:00am
Finish Time : 4pm
Cut-off : 13hrs
Registration Fee:
Early Bird (January 5– Jan 19,2018): Php 1,600.00
Regular Fee (Jan,20-  Feb 12,2018): Php 1,800.00
– Inclusive of Finisher’s Trophy, Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, Certificate and Post Race Meal.
Registration Venues:

Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
East West Bank s/a # 200-005-285-495
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
E-mail your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com
* Thru Money Transfer
MLKP , LBC, or Western Money Union Transfer

CONTACT nos.09283414069 (SM) / 09432821959(sun)

Points to Remember:
• This is 66+ Kilometers Road Race event that will take place RAIN or SHINE.
• Runners should have meet the following requirements;
– Must have finished a registered or known marathon and/or ultra marathon race either in road or in trail.
– Must be physically fit and healthy ( don’t have any serious heart-related ailments),during the race day, he/she must bring doctor’s certificate to join the race.
– At least an hour before the race , the participants / especially the ultra newbies must sign a waiver.

-Participants must run on farthest left-side of the road.

-Two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles are not allowed as support vehicles without the proper permission from the Race Director/organizer.

-Mobile Aid and hydrations are on-site and enroute.
• Runners who will finish within the cut-off time of (13 hrs) thirteen hours. Will receive Finisher’s Medal, Certificate, Quezon Commemorative Trophy ,Finisher’s Shirt, and post race meal
• Scanned Deposit slip with shirt size may send via email to runnin.active50@gmail.com and /or post to Runn’ Active Team Event FB Page ,and Active Runners-Philippines  FB Page.
• This race is in limited  slots only.
• No On-site Registrations.

– Race Cheaters and Whiners’ are prohibited to join.

-Not following this rules and regulations mean disqualifications from the race.

-The decision of the Race Director/Organizer is Final.

Finisher shirt Design concept
BATOQ66 Route Map
Batangas Provincial Capitol Main Gate -STARTING LINE



1.From CUBAO or Gil Puyat cor Taft Ave. Bus terminal, a one bus ride from the terminal for a trip going to Batangas city via STAR TOLLWay, 3 -4hrs depend upon the traffic situation in the metro,you can drop-off at Star toll Rotunda @ batangas City ride a jeep or tricycle to Batangas Provincial Capitol @ Kumintang Ibaba. presto ! andun na kayo.


2.If you are from Laguna, Take Bus @ Turbina ,Calamba bus Station ride bus via START TOLL and take the same procedure in No. 1.

  1. If you are coming from Bicol and Quezon, Ride SUPREME bus Line from Calumpang Tayabas,or in Sariaya via San Juan and Get -off at Batangas Terminal and ride jeep to starting point , it would take 2-3 hrs trip.
    Early Arrival? There are numerous economical Hotels around the area of Capitol Building of Batangas for a short sleep just ask within the area. Good luck and see you!

For Private /Support Vehicles just follow the route directions describe above.









3L2D-S52 Ultra Marathon 2018

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3RD  Lipa to Dolores –Speed52 Ultra marathon 2018

The 3rd Edition  of the 1st  52km-Ultra marathon event that will hit the road in 2nd Dist of Quezon, will crossed-borders between Provinces of Batangas and Quezon . The runners routes will take from the progressive City of Lipa ,and will run through the towns of Rosario, Padre Garcia (all of Batangas Prov.) then to San Antonio, Tiaong ,Quezon and will finished in front of the Town Hall of Dolores ,Quezon. the town located at the foot of infamous Mt. Cristobal and Mystic mountain of Mt. Banahaw on the eastern side, and famous to the mountaineers and religious fanatics “Bangkong kahoy at Mariang Sinukuan “.

JAnuary 29,2018 (Sunday)  @ 3AM (assembly)
START : Lipa City HAll Bldg. Lipa City,
Batangas 4AM (Sunday)
FINISH : Dolores Municipal Bldg. Dolores, Quezon Prov.(1pm)
Distance :52Km
Cut-Off : 9 Hrs  (Finisher’s trophy, medal, Certificate &Shirt

               10 hrs (Finisher’s  trophy ,medal and Shirt )
Organizer: Team Runn’ active / ARAP

Registration Fees:
Early Bird Registration Date: December 16-23,2017
Early Bird Registration Fee: Php 1,500.00

Regular Registrations : December  17–31,2017
Regular Registration Fee: Php 1,700.00

Inclusive of Finisher’s Certificate, Medal, Trophy, Finisher’s Shirt (S/S), and Post Race Meal.

Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
East West Bank s/a # 200-005-285-495

Palawan Express,MLKP,LBC are also Accepted
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
E-mail your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com

* Write your name and Shirt Size,on Deposit Slip and email to the above address.

* The Event will take place Rain or Shine.
* The Registration Fee is non-Refundable and Non-Transferable

*There will be no on-site registrations.
* This event is a Qualifying Race and INCLUDED in QUEZON Ultra marathon Series- Grand SLAM  AWARD 2018
* Open for Runners who finished marathon and ultra marathon distances of 50k ,and beyond. of Races organized by reputable organizers (other than these are required to submit Xerox copy of Finisher’s Certificate with official finished time and Medical Cert.)
* Mobile Hydration and Foods Stations at random distance of 10k  will be provided along the route.
* Drop Bags of runners without service vehicle will be provided at designated Km distances
* Service vehicles of runners and /or team of runners are welcome but not mandatory.
* Wearing reflectorized Vest etc, and Head lamp are Mandatory
* This event have LIMITED SLOTS only!
* NO CASH PRIZES, NO Loot BAGS, NO WHINNING, Just Pure Pain and Fun!!!!

Contact Details:
Rodel/Runn’ Active
Mobile: 0928-3414069 / 0943-2821959



2l2d.mens podium2017
2l2d.female pod
@nd Ed.’s TOP FEMALE FINISHERS  with Wearing FInishers Shirts and Finisher’s Medals, holding FINISHER’s and PODIUM Trophies
L2D-S52 Ultra RACE MAP
2018 Finishers Shirt Design in progress



ARAP’s 2018 Running Events

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ULTRA Marathon YEAR -2018

“ Passionately running the road less travelled “

  1. January 14 ,2018(Sunday)5G2P80/50km Ultra Marathon (Gumaca to Pagbilao 80km Ultramarathon 5th edition)  Gumaca-Pitogo-Unisan-Agdangan-Padre Burgos-Pagbilao (ROAD) –G2P on its  5th Year, an ultra marathon event that starts from Gumaca Town Hall traverses the roads of fourth and third District of Quezon Province with its rolling hills routes.


  1. January 28,2018 (Sunday) -3L2DS52 Ultra marathon (2nd Lipa-Dolores-Speed50km) ROAD -START: Lipa City Hall-Batangas, FINISH: Dolores Municipal Hall,Quezon – on its 3rd edition to challenge your speed  on 50km+ distance  from downhill start to flat to smooth ascent to finish line.  


  1. February 25 ,2018 (Sunday)– 4BatoQ66 Endurance Run 4th (Batangas City-to Sariaya Quezon) via Eco –tourism Road (ROAD) – BatoQ EnduRUN on its 4th edition will  traverse partly  to the  Eco-tourism road , will enter from San Juan-Candelaria road to the Castanas ,Sariaya all the way to art-deco inspired Town hall  and Sariaya Municipal Park


  1. March 17-18,2018 (Sat-Sun) – 3rd  LA 104 Ultra Marathon (Lucban to Antipolo 104km)START: PTT-Lucban  FINISH : Rizal Provincial Capitol, Antipolo (ROAD) – on its 3rd  year this 100km plus event for 2018 via backdoor Manila East Road will crossed 3 provinces in one region. LA104 Hall of FAME awardee will conferred upon finishing the race.


  1. March 04, 2018 (Sunday) -2QSD50 Ultra Marathon Race 2nd  Quezon Second District 60km) START: Dolores, Quezon Municipal Hall FINISH: Rizal Park ,Sariaya ,Quezon  – This event is 60k  ROAD ultra  on its  2nd year that will cover the entire eco-tour road  all the way to cultural-rich sariaya finish line.  


  1. April 7-9 ,2018 (Sat-Sun-Mon)- 4SL240 (South Luzon 240km) Endurance Challenge Start /Finish: Tagkawayan Municipal Bldg., Tagkawayan, Quezon (ROAD)  –this is the first  240km ultra marathon in Southern Luzon. Will traverse several towns of Cam Sur and Cam Norte  , SL240 Hall of FAME awardee will conferred upon finishing the race.


  1. April 21-22, 2018 (Sat-Sun) – 5BONPEN100 Ultra marathon Race(4th Bondoc Peninsula Ultra Race in Catanauan –Malicboy-Pagbilao-Bondoc Peninsula) (ROAD)- The 5th edition take back  to the original challenging route, will start in Catanauan Municipal Building and will take to rockin’ rollin’ towns of 3rd district of Quezon Prov and finish in MEES.


  1. May 13,2018 (Sunday)- 2nd MTR15/30 ( 2nd MALAOA Trail  Run 30km)Start/ Finish :  Brgy Malaoa,Tayabas, Quezon, Prov.PH (Road/TRAIL)  a new road-trail to hit this year will challenge the would- bees in trail running.
  1. May 27,2018 (Sun)- 3rd BUT25/50 (3rd Banahaw Ultra Trail)  Calumpang,Tayabas City,Quezon (Start/Finish) (TRAIL)- 2nd edition of BUT will commence on the 2nd week of April, running along the majestic Mt.Banahaw de Tayabas,there will be some route modifications as compare to previous year but more challenging than before.


  1. June 09 -10,2018 (Sat-Sun) – 5QCC 160 Ultra Marathon Race (5th Quezon Coast to Coast 100mi) (ROAD) Start: Infanta ,Quezon  Finish: Mauban, Quezon PH *NOTE:  3 consecutive FINISHER in this RACE are set  to confer QCC160 HALL of FAME award .QCC1oomiles on its 5th  year dubbed as beast-route, being the first 100miler race that was staged  in Southern part of Luzon.


  1. June 22-23,2018(Sun-Mon) – 4B2Q128km  (4th  Bicol to Quezon) Ultra Marathon ROAD RaceStart: Daet, Camarines Norte,Bicol   Finish: Lopez ,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD)- the 4th edition of B2Q will back again to the original route.


  1. July 15,2018 (Sun) – 1T360-60k (1st TIAONG 360-60km) Ultra ROAD RunStart/Finish: Tiaong Municipal Hall Grounds ,Tiaong,Quezon Prov.PH(ROAD)- The newest ARAP ultra 60k event of the year  that take it  course thru the northwest part of the town Tiaong to San Antonio(QzN) –Padre Garcia-Rosario –San Juan (Bats) then back in Tiaong.


  1. August 18-19,2018 (Sat-Sun)-4QD160 (4th Quezon Day 100mi) Ultra Marathon Race Start/Finish : Tayabas City, Quezon(ROAD)- the classic 100miler QD160 will again hit the road in commemoration of the great Pres.M.L.Quezon. The challenge never ends,as QD100 will take –off on this year’s edition 3peaters will be conferred as hall of famer after finishing the race.


  1. August 19,2018 (Sun) – 6QUMar70km (6th   Quezon Day Ultra Marathon Race) ROAD Start/Finish : Tayabas City,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD) The first Ulramarathon ever organize in Quezon Province will hit the road again this year ,our way of paying tribute to Pres. MLQ commemoration . Qumar70 Hall of Fame Award will be confer to recipients upon finishing the race. (details TBA) 


  1. August 24-27, 2018 (Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon) -4M2D342 (4th Manila to Daet 342km) Endurance Race start: Rizal Park Manila  Finish: Daet, Camarines Norte, Bicol(ROAD)  -Still making history as  the first 200miler +endurance run in the Philippines  that sets record of 72 hrs plus Top finishers PR’s, this year is the 4th ed. Will try to challenge other participants who wanted to experience two-man relay , and to encourage others there will be scheme for Gold, Silver and Bronze Buckle Finishers.  


  1. September 21-23,2018 (Fri-Sat-Sun)- 4SCN200 (4th Southern Coast Nationals 200km) Ultra Run ,START/FINISH : King Fisher Hotel, Port of Atimonan ,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD).We inaugurated the first edition on Nov.2015 previously dubbed-as Quezon 360 deg, where runners crossed-over  3 political Districts of Quezon Prov.
  2. .October 21, 2018 (Friday) -6th MAP50 (Malicboy-Atimonan-Pagbilao) Ultra Marathon ,Start/Finsh: MEES, Malicboy,Pagbilao,Quezon ( Road)- One of the challenging route is the Bitukang Manok at Quezon Protected Landscape in Atimonan, and Pagbilao, this time we will give a twist for the 6th time.


  1. 18. November 1-4, 2018 (thurs-fri-sat-sun)- 1QC410km Endurance Challenge 2018 – 1st Queen City (Naga City) to Quezon City 410km Endurance Challenge 2018 (ROAD) probably the longest first ultra road race that will hit in Southern Luzon that will commence in the metro. GS-HS and M2D342 finishers are priority, this event is not recommended to whiners. Limited slots only.(Full Details TBA)
  2.  November 11, 2017 (Sun) -4HP60 (4th Hermano PULI 60km) Ultra Marathon Race Start: Quezon Prov’l Capitol,Lucena City Finish: Hermano Puli Shrine ,Brgy.Isabang ,Tayabas City,Quezon Prov.PH(ROAD)- Our fitting tribute to the commemoration and death anniversary of our local Hero Apoliario de la cruz a.k.a. Hermano Puli, which will run around the towns where Puli spent his younger days.


  1. December 08-09, 2018 (Sat-Sun) 3QBB185km Ultra RUN 2017 – 3rd Quezon Boundary to Boundary 185km Ultra Marathon (ROAD) ,a challenging route Manila South Road from Bicol Boundary in the Cam Sur to Laguna Boundary in the North. this is 100miler plus ARAP ultra marathon event that we will be staged this year .
  2. December 30, 2016 (Friday-Rizal Day)- 4BER or 4th  BAYANI Endurance Run 2018 Start/Finish: Tiaong Municipal Hall Grounds Tiaong,Quezon Prov.PH (ROAD Loops) This is almost 8km  per loop supposed to hit at the Gateway town of  Quezon Prov, this will be a mandatory event to all Grand Slam Candidates as concluding part of the series. Details TBA.



1.4SL 240

2.5QCC 160




5.4BER (Bayani Endurance Run)

 Total Mileage (TM)Req = 850 kilometers


GS-ES400 (Grand Slam-ELITE Series)

  1. 5BONPEN100
  2. 3LA104
  3. 4B2Q128
  4. 5G2P80
  5. 6QUMAR70
  6. 4BER(Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required = 500 Kilometers


GS-MS  (Grand Slam –Master Series)

  1. 5G2P50
  2. 4BatoQ 66
  3. 2QSD60
  4. 1T360-60
  5. 4L2DS50
  6. 6MAP50
  7. 5HP60
  8. 4BER(Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required = 400 kilometers


 ARAP- Trail Runner’s 100 Award (TRA100)

  1. 3BUT 25/50 –Banahaw Ultra Trail
  2. 2MTR15/30 – 1st MALAOA Trail Run
  3. 4BER (Bayani Endurance Run)

TM Required =100 kilometers



  1. 4M2D342
  2. 1QC410
  3. Event/s of choice @GS-HS
  4. 4BER

TM Req.= 1000 km (at least)





  1. Participants must be a finisher of each Race belong to GS- series (HS,ES,& MS)
  2. Participants may not be qualified to each GS-series if he/she did-not-Finish(DNF) amd/or beyond cut-off in a particular race, had been disqualified (DQ) and/or has pending case/s of cheating, intimidation and harassment to the organizer/s and fellow runners in any of the Races belong to the series he/she aiming for.
  3. Runners must Complete the Total Mileage Requirement (TMR) on each series.
  4. Each Series Has the Following Actual Summary Mileage(ASM):

 GS –(HS,ES,MS,TRA100) –  ASM + RM  =TMR

GS-Ultra Marathon Beast( UMB) = 742 + (258)=1000

GS-Hardcore Series(HS)   = 760km +(40km)  =800km

GS-Elite Series (ES)            = 412 km +(38km) =450km

GS-Master Series (MS)      = 296km + (54km) =350km

ARAP-TRA100 =      a) 50+30 =80km +(20km)=100km

  1.   b) 25+30 =55km +(45km) =100km  

To comply with the TM requirement ,participants must complete the Remaining Mileage(RM) after the ASM through Bayani Endurance Run(BER) event on December 30,2018 in which  after completion will be given and awarded to the respected recipient.

  1. No shifting of Race mileage from one series to another.
  2. Entitlements


GS-HS = ARAP- GS-HS Shirt, Plaque/Certificate, Trophy

GS-ES =ARAP-GS-ES Shirt, Plaque/ Certificate, ARAP- Medal

GS-MS= ARAP-GS-MS Shirt, Plaque/Cert, ARAP-Medal

GS-UMB =ARAP-GS-UMB shirt, Plaque/Cert, ARAP-UMB buckle

TRA100 =ARAP-TRA100Shirt,Plaque/Cert. Medal



***Athlete/MALE Ultra Runner of the Year 2018

***Athlete/FEMALE Ultra Runner of the Year 2018

***Rookie Male Ultra Runner of the Year 2018

***Rookie Female Ultra Runner of the Year 2018

***3M2D342  and QC410 finishers

*** HALL of FAME Award (3 Consecutive Finish in Elite , Hardcore and UMB Series, 5 Consecutive finish in Masters Series )


ATHLETE/Ultra runner of the Year  Award – Is the HIGHEST award that will be given to the male and female who has the highest total mileage finished in one year disregarding of the series he joined. Showed exemplary and extra-ordinary Performances in all ARAP-TRA events during the entire year. Definitely no record of Cheating of the race/s he/she joined. Role model, disciplined, worth emulating and an inspiration to  his/her fellow runners and to the running community.


ROOKIE Athlete/Ultra runner of the year Award – will be given to the male and female who has the impressive total mileage finished in one year disregarding of the series he/she joined. Showed exemplary and extra-ordinary but PROMISING Performances in all ARAP-TRA events during the entire year. Definitely no record of Cheating of the race/s he/she joined. Role model, disciplined, worth emulating and an inspiration to  his/her fellow runners.


HALL of FAME Award– will be given to the male and/or female who finished 3 consecutive editions of  ELITE,HARDCORE and UMB ,and 5 Consecutive finished in Masters categories within  cut-off time of the races he joined.


**The Special Award Selection Committee will be composed of 1-head and 4-members, the Race Director, TRA-staff, 2-male candidates, 1-female candidate.


7.For the purpose of evaluations of GS- Candidates(each of Series), runners should submit via email at runnin.active50@gmail.com their finished races on this pattern; Full Name- GS Series____-

  1. Event name –bib#- finish time –cut-off-remarks(champ,1st or 2ndrunner-up)



Not Later than November 30, 2016.

  1. Candidates for GS-HS,ES,MS , will be posted @ rodellmen.wordpress.com after evaluation or two weeks before the date of awarding ceremony .
  2. The awarding will be done on the Fellowship of runners after the BAYANI Endurance Run event. If there will be changes regarding time and venue this will be announced at the earliest possible time before the event.
  3. Top Finishers (Champion,1st runner-up,2nd runner-up) on all 2017 events are entitled to 15% discount on regular registration fees. ALL Grand Slam-HARDCORE Series Finishers for 2017 are all entitled to 10% discount . (This will not apply to the new events slated for 2018.
  4. The Decision of the Selection committee, Race Director and the Organizer is FINAL.
  5. Event schedules are subject to change and other details will be posted /announced later or within the ultra year 201.
  6. NON-COMPLIANCE to above requirements may mean DQ to the award.

For more informations: like us on our Facebook page : runn’’active , www.rodellmen.wordpress.com ,email : runnin.active@gmail.com , and/or contact us cp# 09432821959 .




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TIAONG  Quezon Prov. Philippines )
December 30,2017, SATURDAY ( RIZAL Day Holiday)

A concluding event of ARAP and Team Runn’Active  for 2017. This event will test the endurance  of participants where they will run in  scenic  gateway town of Quezon and  home town  of infamous  Villa Escudero , then known Recording Artist Ima Castro and known pottery artist Ugu Bigyan  in Tiaong ,Quezon, which will start @ PPtt Gas station then to town proper will go around the d by-pass road which more or less 7km+–per-loop .Whoever ran as many loops as the parcipants can may declare top winners in each categories. Proceed of these will go to BAYANIHAN Outreach Project 2018 of Team Runn’ Active in partnership with NGO Betan SEEDS Assn. of the Phils., to raise Slippers for the 1000 children of selected Far –flung elementary schools and communities in different towns of Quezon.

Assembly/Race Briefing : 4:00am Saturday December 30,2017

START and FINISH VENUE :Tiaong Municipal Grounds, Tiaong, Quezon Philippines
10 Hrs CATEGORY (Cut-Off)

Gun START : 5:00 AM Saturday
Finish Time : 3:00 PM

6 Hours CATEGORY(cut-Off)

Gun start -5:00 am Sunday

FinishTime :  11:00 noontime

 Early bird Registration Date: –Dec.6 –13, 2017
Early Bird Registration Fee:   Php 800.00 (6 Hrs Category)

Early Bird Registration Fee: Php 1,100.00 (10hrs Category)

Regular Registration Date: December 14-287,2017
Regular Registration Fee: Php1,000.00     (6hrs Category)
Regular Registration Fee : PHP 1,300.00 (10hrs Category)

We will give special discounts to team/group of 5 and 10 members.

Registration Venues:
Payment thru Bank Deposit
Bank: BPI S/A Acct #: 0869-2140-51
EastWest Bank s/a # 200-005-285-495

MLKP.LBC, Palawan Express
Acct Name: Rodelio L. Mendoza
E-mail your Deposit Slip here: runnin.active50@gmail.com with your FS-size, contact nos., Team that you represent and category entry.
Contact Details:
Runn’ Active – 0928-3414069 / 0943-2821959

BER.KingQueen8 hrs
2016 Bayani Endurance Run Male and Female TOp Finishers


* The Event will take place Rain or Shine.
*The Registration Fee is non-Refundable and Non-Transferable
*This event is an ENDURANCE CHALLENGE RUN  in commemoration of the Martyrdom of our National Hero Dr.Jose  P. Rizal

* The course is purely Road , runners will run on a 7km+ loop, runners will be qualified based on their categories ( 6 hrs/10 hrs)  and as many as loops they will do in the prescribed category they will get-in.

* Runner/s who will not finish based on their category will be declared DNF.

* Top FINISHERs in all Categories who will run as many loops as they can within their prescribe category entry  will be proclaimed winners in both Male and Female divisions (in 6 and 10 hrs category)..

* THIS is Event is Mandatory Requirement to all GRAND SLAM MASTER ,ELITE, and HARDCORE   series Candidates and /or Wannabees.

*Open for Runners who finished 21km ,42km marathon, ultra marathon races and beyond  (other than these are required to submit photocopy of Medical Certificate and  Finishers Certificate with official finished time)
*Mobile Hydration and Aid Stations  will be provided along the route.(bring your own Hydration bottles, this is a green run we do not provide plastic caps)
*Drop Bags of runners  will be at START and FINISH Venue.
* Service vehicles of runners and /or team of runners are welcome but not mandatory.
* Wearing of proper running gears are mandatory
* ARAP Grand Slam Series Awards will follow  after the event finished.

* Some of the Proceeds will purchase slippers for children beneficiaries of  Bayanihan -Takbotante outreach Project 2018 in selected Far-flung Elementary Schools  in the province of Quezon .

– Inclusive of Finisher’s  Medal, Finisher’s Shirt, and Post Race Meal.

– Top Winners aside from tokens will received  Trophies each.
-Upon violations of stated race rules and regulations corresponding penalty of disqualification will be applied.
-NO CASH PRIZES, NO Loot BAGS , NO WHINING, Just Pure Pain and Fun!!!!

-Race CHEATERS  are not welcome !!!
-Just Run and Have Fun!!

The decisions of Race Director is FINAL.


Barangay Tan-ag, Lopez,Quezon Elem School ,220 pupils Yr -2015 Beneficiaries
BER 2015 Beneficiaries Lopez,Quezon
Bayani Endurance Run 2016 Beneficiaries Brgy. Mamala -1 ,Sariaya ,Quezon